7+ quotes from Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross

Quotes from Whatever Life Throws at You

Julie Cross ·  373 pages

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“He said if I was good enough to throw a perfect game, I’d be good enough to date his daughter.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

“Pressure is just that—pressure. It’s all in your head. It has nothing to do with what you can or can’t do.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

“You should really relax your shoulders more. You look better with a neck.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

“Kansas City, that’s like in Kansas, right?” I ask. “Missouri,” Frank and Dad both correct.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

“If you love someone, even the best one-night stand isn’t going to erase that.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

“I think you're a good person," I say quietly, before slipping the bed to retrieve my clothes. He exhales, and his eyes meet mine.

"All I know is that I want to be the person you and your dad think I am. Maybe even more than I want to be a great pitcher.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

“Lenny London: In case you're wondering, running is like driving only there's more sweating and less sitting. I don't recommend trying it if you haven't already.”
― Julie Cross, quote from Whatever Life Throws at You

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Julie Cross
Born place: in Germany
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