Questions & Answers

What is a book quote?
A book quote is an excerpt, whether it’s one sentence or a couple of paragraphs, from a book. The quotes usually convey the tone of the book, a running theme, or an impactful moment.

What’s the point of a book quote website?
Our site has a dual purpose: to remind you of great books you’ve read in the past, and to help you choose what to read next. Our showcase of curated quotes aims to accomplish both goals by extracting meaningful quotes from wonderful books.

How do I know that the rest of the book is as good as the quotes?
We’ve all had the experience of seeing a movie trailer that turned out to contain the three best moments of the movie, while the rest of it wasn’t worth seeing. However, without visuals, books are naturally more substantial and usually can’t be slapped together around a couple of great quotes. Also, we think you’ll find that the quantity of quotes we’ve included from each book will help you make an informed decision.

Can I contribute quotes to your site?
Yes! There are two ways to contribute, via the submission form provided on the site. One, feel free to send us your favorite, funniest, most meaningful or most enlightening quotes, even if we already feature the book in question. Or, we also take suggestions for books that we haven’t yet included, and we’ll do the work of finding the best quotes. You may send us a link from Goodreads or Bookfave.

Are the quotes on your site free to use?
Yes, they are free to use, but many are subject to copyright laws and all should be properly attributed to the author in question.

Can I share quotes from your site on my social media?
Please do! Just copy and paste, but make sure to include the author and book title, not just the quote. You may design a beautiful quote picture using a background from wallpapercosmos.

How often are new quotes added to the site?
We usually add new books and quotes once a week, depending on our workload and the season. For example, American publishers typically release their most important books in the fall, creating a rush of significant, potentially quotable works.

How can I become part of your community?
Please subscribe! Share your email address with us in the subscription box included on the site, and we'll occasionally send you updates on noteworthy quotes and other site news.