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John Twelve Hawks ·  464 pages

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“Life is dangerous. That's what makes it interesting.”
― John Twelve Hawks, quote from The Traveler

“Every new experience is unusual. The rest of life is just sleep and committee meetings.”
― John Twelve Hawks, quote from The Traveler

“Human beings have an almost unlimited capacity for self-delusion. We can justify any amount of sadness if it fits our own particular standard of reality. ”
― John Twelve Hawks, quote from The Traveler

“I spent my time drinking and staring at a television in the airport bar. More death and destruction. Crime. Pollution. All the news stories were telling me to be frightened. All the commercials were telling me to buy things I didn´t need. The message was that people could only be passive victims or consumers.”
― John Twelve Hawks, quote from The Traveler

“You don´t need to watch everyone if everyone believes they're beeing watched. (...) Punishment isn't necessary, but the inevitability of punishment has to be programmed into the brain.”
― John Twelve Hawks, quote from The Traveler

“No one seems to realize how immense consciousness really is. It ties us to the rest of the universe.”
― John Twelve Hawks, quote from The Traveler

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“He always kept his shit together. He was the fucking foam on the latte that rose above all of it. He’d been there for them whenever they needed him, always. He hadn’t let his friends down. But at this moment, he resented the hell out of every one of them.”
― Joey W. Hill, quote from Hostile Takeover

“When I came to this city, I would have agreed with anyone who said there was little mystery left in the world. But in you, madam, first in your image, then in your living self, I saw the allure of something far away and as secret as the stars. As I reached towards this unknown, I began to feel like a man who has ridden through a vast desert, never knowing anything but the sand around him and the dry road under him, then comes upon the mirage of a garden and a city, and finds that the mirage is real, and that it is bigger than the desert; that the desert was, after all his walking, only a small part of the mirage”

“Then you felt love, which is the state of feeling desire and the fulfillment of desire at the same time,” she said.”
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“But mainly, he hates that he didn’t get there in time to save you.”
… “He did save me.” My voice sounds inept.
Jack shakes his head, gently. “No love, not in the way he wishes.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“It’s the look two odd socks give when they recognise each other in the wild.”
― Fiona Wood, quote from Six Impossible Things

“Just a tiny red sliver remains in the battery icon. I wish humans came with the same kind of indicator . . . it
would make things much easier. You would know how to deal with every person on the planet, and I’d always be in the red.”
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