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6+ quotes from What Would Satan Do?

Quotes from What Would Satan Do?

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“Despite what they say, the clothes do not make the man.  They merely determine the set of assumptions others make about the man.”
― quote from What Would Satan Do?

“When all else fails—or pretty much whenever you have time—get tacos.”
― quote from What Would Satan Do?

“It wasn’t that he cared particularly for the world.  Except for Lamborghinis.  And Star Wars—well, Darth Vader anyway.  And ice cream.”
― quote from What Would Satan Do?

“Oh, God!” said one student. The Devil’s head snapped up.  “Where?” “I”
― quote from What Would Satan Do?

“At this point, the narrative will turn its focus elsewhere in the interest of providing Liam and Anna with a bit of privacy.  Should the reader feel disappointment at the lack of description of turgidity, chiseled bits of anatomy, or things that are pulsing or quivering, well, this just isn’t that kind of story.  Sorry.”
― quote from What Would Satan Do?

“He’d start things up, have a bit of fun, and then, in the end, have his ass handed to him by that Great Big Dick in the Sky. ”
― quote from What Would Satan Do?

Popular quotes

“When they weren’t praying, they did what schoolgirls everywhere do. They laughed, they shrieked, they burst into hysterical sobs – all for no apparent reason…

The schoolgirls also played the worst Western music imaginable, and they took a surfeit of baths – so many baths that the traditional inn where Wallingford and Evelyn Arbuthnot stayed was repeatedly running out of hot water.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“Terra had climbed well beyond that which its”
― Robert A. Heinlein, quote from Tunnel in the Sky

“So, how we doin'?"
"Same as usual: dead people, a mystery, more dead people."
"Who we lost?"
"The boy. His guardians. Maybe Elliot Norton."
"Shit, don't sound like we got anybody left. Anyone hires you better leave you your fee in their will.”
― John Connolly, quote from The White Road

“The next day, Greg is so large that he cannot even ride the car to school because he can't fit in the car. His parents believe this to have been caused by a food allergy and resolve to take him to the doctor later.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“mendacity.” He then introduced his son to the President,”
― David McCullough, quote from The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914

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