Quotes from Fiance by Fate

Jennifer Shirk ·  242 pages

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“Ta-ta?” she asked Jack, once Jessica was out of earshot. “I can't believe you went out with a woman who uses that interjection.”
“I can't believe I'm ‘going out’ with a woman who uses the word ‘interjection.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“You snore.”
She stopped in the middle of the hallway and gaped. “I do not.”
“Oh yeah, you do.” He nodded, beaming from ear to ear. “Cute, kind of baby snores, but still snores by standard definition. Maybe that was the problem that broke up you and David. Doctors need their sleep, you know.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“Careful,” he chided with a grin. “First you talk marriage and now you're telling me what to eat. You're sounding more and more like a real girlfriend every day. Just remember, this is still our first date, so keep your hands to yourself tonight. I'm not one of those guys.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“You are still the creator of your own destiny. Don't overlook the journey.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“Jack had a way of sneaking up on her, like a cold or...a chin hair.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“She repeated the thought again for good measure—and because she liked to hear herself think.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“watching Madame Butterfly was a little like watching a slug race.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

“hear that same thing from the psychic, it’d make her feel much better. “I see a man in your future…” the psychic began in a raspy voice. His—her—Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as she closed her eyes and laid her palms on the cards. Sabrina blinked and tried hard to focus on what she was saying and not on the hair of Madame’s knuckles.”
― Jennifer Shirk, quote from Fiance by Fate

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