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8+ quotes from Now You See Me by Sharon J. Bolton

Quotes from Now You See Me

Sharon J. Bolton ·  400 pages

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“I’m not sending them in to do therapy,”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“OFFICIAL ESTIMATES SAY THAT BETWEEN 1,000 AND 1,500 people sleep rough on the streets of London on any given night. Many of them are young runaways, fleeing abuse of various kinds at home. Some are elderly, people at the end of their lives who have lost everything. Quite a few have mental-health problems, made worse by the impossibility of getting their required medication. All are vulnerable; always cold, always hungry, slowly getting more weak and more scared.”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“It gets to you, life on the streets, even when you know that for the moment at least you have somewhere else to go. It’s like you know it’s waiting, always there, for the time when the reins slip between your fingers. Still,”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“The room was modern, but there was something about the arrangement of so much gleaming steel, the careful placement on the counters of jars and dishes, that looked timeless.”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“Karen Curtis had never thought she would die to the sound of Julie Andrews.”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“Of course, 85 per cent won’t be enough by itself to convict him, but it makes him someone you want to take seriously.”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“I glanced round to find myself staring into turquoise eyes.”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

“white-suited figures were making their way around the site like phantoms. The scene-of-crime officers had arrived. They would establish an inner cordon around the body and an outer one around the crime scene.”
― Sharon J. Bolton, quote from Now You See Me

About the author

Sharon J. Bolton
Born place: Lancashire, The United Kingdom
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