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Quotes from Blackbringer

Laini Taylor ·  437 pages

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“Creatures with no dreams of their own can do naught but destroy the dreams of others.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

“I miss sunrise even more. The green scent of dawn in the forest? The color blushing back into the world, different every day.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

“It was a bold, wild life for a faerie - most never even left their forests - but she was a bold, wild lass, and so were her daughter and granddaughter after her, and their place in the world was everywhere and nowhere, like gypsies on wing. No home had they but their caravans and campfires, and no family but the one they'd cobbled together of crows, creatures and kindred souls they'd met on their endless journey round and round the world.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

“That faeries have forgotten the Tapestry; that is the greatest tragedy of all. It's the fabric of all creation and it's woven of dreams, the dreams of the Djinn. Dreams are real, Magpie. They're seed and water and sun. They're everything.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

“All the bogeymen together, sitting down to tea.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

“Humans had a genius for devising instruments of death. Their lives were so short and they seemed to value them so little, sending waves of men to clash in battlefields, then weighing victory by the piled corpses. And if they held their own lives so worthless, the lives of everything else were as fruit to pluck from trees.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

“It was Hiss who won by stamping on another’s foot, and he spent the meal staring at Poppy and missing his mouth with his spoon.”
― Laini Taylor, quote from Blackbringer

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