Quotes from New York to Dallas

J.D. Robb ·  14 pages

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“Oh thank you, Jesus."
"It's Roarke." He tapped a finger on Eve's head. "You really shouldn't forget your own husband's name.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“I once stood in a field in Ireland, alone, a little lost, and wishing for you more than I wished for my next breath. And you came, though I never asked you, you came because you knew I needed you. We don't always do what's right, what's good. Not even for each other. But when it counts, down to the core of it, I believe we do exactly that. What's right and good for each other. There's no rule to that. It's just love."
Just love, she thought when he stepped out. She may have been going into her own personal hell to face a killer, but right at that moment she considered herself the luckiest woman in the world.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“How white is an Irishman's ass?" Eve wondered out loud.
"You should know, darling.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Okay. Look, why don't you take care of the half a million things you've been letting dangle in Roarke's Empire of Everything?"
"Catchy title. I may use it one day.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“What time is it in New York?"
He shook his head. "An hour later than it is here. The earth simply has to revolve, Eve, however annoying it is for you."
"It can revolve all it wants. I just don't see why people can't settle on the same time.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“I'd rather be screwed up with you than smooth with anybody else.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“When she brought Mira up, Eve gave Roarke another glance. "Don't talk to him," she warned. "He can get bitchy when he's in this deep. I don't know if we have any of that tea stuff."
"I had it stocked, and I don't get bitchy. Bloody, buggering HELL."
Eve just rolled her eyes and got the tea.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“You have to trust or you're only living half a life.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“It's an exceptional thing to have someone in your life who knows and understands you so well. Who loves who you are. A very exceptional thing.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“I'm a barrel of monkeys, kid, though mostly I figure monkeys stuck in a barrel are just going to be pissed off.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“He shook his head and eyed Roarke. "You don't look like a cop."
"I'm not and thank you for noticing.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“The security officer smiled and said, ‘Good afternoon, ma’am,’ to me before I
gave him ID.”
“It’s a sick world, Eve.” He resisted taking her hand for another squeeze. “A sick,
sad world.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“I'm not putting up with this," she continued. "You can't even go out and buy a solar system without worrying I'll fall apart. How are you supposed to get anything done?"
"Actually, I'm not in the market for a solar system right at the moment.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“But Roarke doesn't feel weird about it. He's full of it, the love, I mean. And when he loves me, things that never worked in me did - do. It was easier when they didn't work, but it's better when they do. You know?”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Pull yourself together, Detective. You're embarrassing yourself, and more imprtant, you're embarrassing me."

"They're going to do it outside. In public."

"So the fuck what?"

"Public," Peabody said, head still between her knees.

"You're being honored by this department and this city for having the integrity, the courage, and the skill to take out a blight on this department and this city. Dirty, murdering, greedy, treacherous cops are sitting in cages right now because you had that integrity, courage, and skill. I don't care if they do this damn thing in Grand Central, you will get on your feet. You will not puke, pass out, cry like a baby, or squeal like a girl. That's a goddamn order."

"I had more of a 'Relax, Peabody, this is a proud moment' sort of speech in mind," McNab murmured to Roarke.

Roarke shook his head, grinned. "Did you now? You've a bit to learn yet, haven't you?”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“He wanted to heave the glasses against the wall. Break them, break everything he could reach. Beat it, rend it. He stared out the window, imagined the city in flames, consumed to ashes. And still it wasn't enough.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“How's it going down there?"
"It's weird. They're too polite, they talk funny, and stuff has too much shine on it. But the coffee's worse than Central's, so that's something.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Task complete. Shut it down."

Unable to comply, the computer responded.

"I finished."

Inaccurate statement. Previous command stipulated all listed reports and evaluations must be complete before system rest. This command by Dallas, Lieutenant Eve, priority basis, can only be countermanded at her order by fire, terrorist attack, alien invasion or an open and active case requiring her attention ...

Jesus, had she really programmed that? "I changed my mind."

Previous command specifies changes of mind, fatigue, boredom, and other lame excuses not acceptable for countermand ...

"Bite me," Eve muttered.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Are you gonna arrest a robber?"

"Know any?"

"My friend Everet stoled a candy bar from the store, but his ma found out and made him go pay for it out of his 'lowance, and he couldn't have candy or nothing for a whole month. You could arrest him. He's over there."

He pointed, cheerfully ratting out his pal.

"It sounds like he's paid his debt to society.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“I wasn't going to have dessert, but it was right there, all gooey and sweet. It's like sex. I mean, when it's right there, what are you supposed to do? I wasn't going to have that either--sex--with my parents bunking in the office, but, well, it was right there."

"I'll tolerate the gooey and sweet, Peabody, but I'm not thinking about you having sex with McNab, especially in the same sentence as 'my parents.'"

"I think they had sex, too."

Eve struggled not to wince or twitch. "Do you want me to kick you down four flights of steps and make you walk up again?"

"I'd probably bounce all the way down, too, with all this gooey and sweet in my butt. So I guess not."

"Good choice.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“She thought she loved him. What do you have in your pocket?”
He smiled, drew out the gray button that had fallen off her very ugly suit the first day they’d met.
“See?” She couldn’t say why that stupid button moved her so damn much. “People in love keep things. Sentimental things.”
“What do you have?”
She pulled the chain, and the tear-shaped diamond from under her shirt. “I wouldn’t wear this for anybody but you. It’s embarrassing. And—”
“Ah, something else.”
“Shit. I’m tired. It makes me gabby. I have one of your shirts.”
His brow creased in absolute bafflement. “My shirts?”
“In my drawer, under a bunch of stuff. You lent it to me the morning after our first night together. It still sort of smells like you.”
For a moment, the worry on his face simply dissolved. “I believe that’s the sweetest thing you’ve said to me in all our time together.”
“Well, I owed you. Besides, you have enough shirts to outfit a Broadway troupe. So, help me toss the room?”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“You have to trust, or you’re only living half a life. You have to try to help or even that half is empty.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“The wince and muffled oath he gave when he stepped into the water got a laugh out of her.
“It’s not that hot.”
“If I had a lobster, we’d boil it and eat it.”
“You set the temp.”
“So I did, and now, with no lobster in sight, we’re boiling my balls.”
He’d set it for her, she thought, so she could soak in the heat and the scent, turn off her mind with some relaxation program. She thought of what she’d overheard him saying to Mira, how he’d looked.
He needed this as much as she did.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“You look like a really well-dressed pirate carting around an ugly treasure chest.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Lieutenant Dallas has just given you a brief demonstration of why she’s one of the most valuable assets of the NYPSD. She observes, deduces, and reports with accuracy.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“She took a shaky swallow of wine. “She didn’t know me. When we were face-to-face again, and she looked right at me. She didn’t know me.”
“Did that hurt you?”
“No. I don’t know. I couldn’t think. I just know that for a minute I was nothing again. Like they—she—took everything from me. Roarke, my badge, my life, myself. For a minute it was just gone because she was there. I can’t be nothing again.”
“You could never be nothing.” Roarke spoke in a voice of barely controlled rage. “You’re what you made yourself against the impossible. Even when you were helpless they couldn’t destroy what you are. You’re a miracle. You’re my miracle, and you’ll never be anything else.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Chip Robbins, how many times have I told you not to yell out for me unless you're being stabbed with a pitchfork?”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“She wished she had candy, but she hadn’t settled on a new hiding place to thwart the nefarious Candy Thief.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“Every case is different, and how we deal with every case is different. But what’s the same is we work it, we do the job, and we take the risks the job demands. That’s it.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

“We’ll take the laundry in for anal.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from New York to Dallas

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