Quotes from The Stranger I Married

Sylvia Day ·  320 pages

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“I want love and I won't settle for less”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“A wife is meant to be cherished and to be treated with a gentle hand, while a mistress is a convenient cunt to rut in.”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“See your ring on my finger," he growled, obviously frustrated. "Know that I am yours. That I am different from the others." Gray licked the shell of her ear, and then bit the lobe. "Want me, damn you. The way I want you.”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“¿Qué clase de hombre se rodea de las cosas bellas de la vida y no se detiene ni un segundo a contemplarlas?”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“Me he quitado la venda de los ojos, Pel. Y ahora, por primera vez, veo lo que me estaba perdiendo”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“Y hace tiempo que aprendí que un hombre que provoca celos a su esposa no vale la pena.”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“Pero a veces el día siguiente no llega nunca, Pel. Algunas veces, lo único que tenemos es hoy”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“porque cuando amas a alguien, eso es lo que haces: entender.”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“Of course, Bella.” The duchess leaned over, and pressed their cheeks together. “What are mothers for, if not to help their daughters find mistresses for their husbands?”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married

“rendered next to it.” From the time they had married,”
― Sylvia Day, quote from The Stranger I Married


About the author

Sylvia Day
Born place: in Los Angeles, The United States
Born date March 11, 2018
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