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Larry Brown ·  368 pages

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“The boy didn't know where he and his family were, other than one name: Mississippi.”
― Larry Brown, quote from Joe

“Couldn’t get no closer and couldn’t get no further away.”
― Larry Brown, quote from Joe

“The road lay long and black ahead of them and the heat was coming now through the thin soles of their shoes. There were young beans pushing up from the dry brown fields, tiny rows of green sprigs that stretched away in the distance.”
― Larry Brown, quote from Joe

“That boy,” he said. “I’ve done him ever favor I could. Some folks you can’t do nothing with. Just sorry. God knows I’ve done plenty of drinking and stuff in my time, but I be damn if I ever tried to cheat anybody out of any money.”
― Larry Brown, quote from Joe

“In the countryside by nights without the moon, there sometimes roamed an indigent, a recycled reject with eyes sifting the darkness and sorting the scattered scents, walking beside deep hollows and ditches of stinking water. The hours he kept were usually reserved for the drunk and the sleeping. With his sloe-lidded eyes that in the daytime tried to hide from the sun, he spied treasures all over the land. No thing unlocked was safe from his grasp, he who could squat in the road and talk to the dogs and still their dying growls, all save one”
― Larry Brown, quote from Joe

About the author

Larry Brown
Born place: in Oxford, Mississippi, The United States
Born date July 9, 1951
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