Quotes from Archangel's Storm

Nalini Singh ·  337 pages

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“Her wild storm had just told her he loved her, the piercing joy of his song branding her as indelibly his.

I’ll be home soon, princess.
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“Illium says that perhaps I can use them to flutter someone to death.
- Aodhan to Jason, Archangel's Storm”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“Obviously, I need to study princesses further.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“The Princess Mahiya, and she is mine.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“I have never been to a court s gracious as the one Neha keeps. Dmitri played a knife through his fingers, one of the three he'd brought back from Neha's territory. "She truly believes in giving honor to a visitor." He threw to knife at Jason.
"He threw it back as Venom added, "Thought she might have that guest neatly executed as the court sleeps.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“Once, he'd used it in song, but the songs in his heart had gone silent long ago, and he knew that one day so would his voice. A man with nothing inside him eventually had nothing to say.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“I know exactly how strong he is... He is like a peacock, spreading his feathers and squawking loudly to distract you from the back that his body is but weak."
-Jason to Mahiya”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“Trembling, Mahiya walked to lean her face against Jason’s back, his wings strong and sleek and paradoxically soft on either side of her. 'I don’t know what to think.' She passed him the letter without shifting from her position tucked against his back. He didn’t force her to move, didn’t attempt to turn and take her into his arms—as if he understood she just needed to lean on his strength a little until the world stopped spinning.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“She wanted to run her finger over the blade of him even if it made her bleed, wanted to dance too close to the flame, wanted to take a risk that could destroy her”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“Or perhaps it was that, unbeknownst
to Elena, they were linked by a far
bleaker tie, a tie that spoke of mothers
and blood.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“I was not…formed correctly. Part of me is damaged and may one day shatter. When it does, I ask that you execute me cleanly rather than allow me to erode from the inside out,”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

“she’d been shaped by the winds of another life. Now”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Archangel's Storm

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