Quotes from Beauty Awakened

Gena Showalter ·  447 pages

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“But I gotta say, I am so proud right now.” Axel flattened his hand over his heart. “You borrowed my patented move, proving I’m made of more than awesome. I’m awesalicious. Is that a word? It’s probably a girl word, but who cares! Seriously. Do you see a tear in my eye? Because I’m pretty sure I feel one.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“Even the smallest light can grow until there’s no darkness left.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“Why did the warrior cross the road? [Koldo]
That’s easy. To kill the guy on the other side. [Nicola]

A bud of amusement had her smiling.

Knock, knock. [Koldo]
Who’s there? [Nicola]
Donut who?
Donut run from me, puny girl.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“Words were one of the most powerful forces known— or unknown— to man. The Most High had created this world with His words. And humans, who had been fashioned in His image, could direct the entire course of their lives with their words, their mouths as the rudder on a ship, as the bridle on a horse. They produced with their words. They destroyed with their words.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“Words without action mean nothing. I’ll show you.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“You speak what you believe, and you believe you’re doomed. If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years, it’s that what you believe is the impetus for your entire life.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“The doors closed, sealing her inside with him. I don’t judge by outward appearance. I really do not judge by outward appearance. But oh, wow, wow, wow, he had to be a time-traveling Viking sent here to abduct modern women to give to his men back home—because they’d killed all the women in their village.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“I’ll catch fire, turn to ash and re-form... I’ll be stronger... and you’ll be forever mine.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“What I've learned over the years is that people shouldn't be defined by a single mistake. Everyone messes up," she said. "You have to forgive yourself and move one.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“If words are the power of life and death, you just pointed a loaded gun at your head.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“The words we speak are important, powerful, and since names are spoken every day, directed at specific individuals, people often become what they are called. I like to know who I’m dealing with.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“I may not be a doctor, but I've watched every episode of House. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years, it’s that what you believe is the impetus for your entire life.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from Beauty Awakened

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“What about an axman?" he said. Gilan looked at him, nonplussed for a moment.
"An axman?" he asked.
"Yes," said Horace, warming to his theme. "What about if you're facing an enemy with a battleax? Do your knives work then?"
Gilan hesitated. "I wouldn't advise anyone face a battleax with just two knives," he said carefully.
"So what should I do?" Will joined in. Gilan glared from one boy to the other. He had the feeling he was being set up.
"Shoot him," he said shortly. Will shook his head, grinning.
"Can't," he said. "My bowstring's broken."
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