Quotes from Hunt for Jade Dragon

Richard Paul Evans ·  320 pages

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“If you remember the why, the how will work itself out.”
― Richard Paul Evans, quote from Hunt for Jade Dragon

“I love to sleep. It’s like being dead without the commitment.”
― Richard Paul Evans, quote from Hunt for Jade Dragon

“Heroes are heroes precisely because they are willing to do what everyone else won’t—oppose the popular voice.”
― Richard Paul Evans, quote from Hunt for Jade Dragon

“They are like pythons in the jungle. The smallest child can crush a python egg. But let the snake hatch and grow and the python with squeeze and devour the child.”
― Richard Paul Evans, quote from Hunt for Jade Dragon

“Is that it?” Jack asked. “No. That is the Xing zheng yuan Hui an Xun fang Shu.” “I was just going to say that,” Tessa said.”
― Richard Paul Evans, quote from Hunt for Jade Dragon

About the author

Richard Paul Evans
Born place: in Salt Lake City, Utah, The United States
Born date October 11, 1962
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