Quotes from Fear Me

B.B. Reid ·  384 pages

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“Tell me, what are your intentions with my granddaughter. She’s never had a boyfriend, you know.
Yes, ma’am. I am aware.
And did you have anything to do with that?
The corner of his mouth lifted in a half grin. I might have.
Because she’s mine.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I can't—
You can and you will.Take me, baby.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“It's too much.
No. It's not enough.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“There’s no need to be a prude about it. Everyone has orgasms and the ones who don’t…God bless their souls.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I’m afraid for him because every day he has to fight the person he is, to be the person he wants to be.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Wait! I'm not ready.
Tough shit, Monroe. You had a year to get ready.
Can we talk about this?
I'm done talking. It's time to fuck.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Looking at me like that will get you fucked, Monroe.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I’m a hopeless fuck who is obsessed with a girl he still wants to hurt.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I wish I could get Keiran to tell me about his past. I feel like it has everything to do with why he is this way.
You ever think he might just have a really dominant personality?”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“He lifted his head and stared at me with a dark look in his eyes. You taste sweeter than you pretend to be.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Handcuffs. Freaking handcuffs.
What are you doing with those?
Handcuffing you.
No, I mean why do you have them in the first place?
I'm saving them for a rainy day. These are new actually. It's like a “thinking of you” gift because I was thinking of you when I bought them.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Don't do this.
I have every intention of doing this. I have since the first time you looked at me with the same need that I felt every damn day.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I brought you here didn't I?
Why so you can chain me up in your basement.
Don't give me ideas, Monroe or you'll never make it out of here. The only reason I haven't chained you in my basement is because I know you'll be missed.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Kill the fucking act. You don't have anything I won't see, feel, and taste. Again...and again...and again.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“No one touches you. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I whispered. I hated the eagerness apparent in my voice.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I get to fuck you senseless. All night. For as long as I need to.” He stepped closer bending his head down until his breath fanned over my neck. “And you can’t tap out—no matter how good it feels.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I will do everything in my power to make it work. You see, I have nothing to lose…but you do.” “Maybe you do, but you just don’t care,” I argued. “Then that makes me a very dangerous man.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“He came around to open my door and held out his hand to me. The gesture said more than what the eye could see. He could have easily lifted me out of the car without me being able to do anything to stop him but instead he was asking for my consent. To accept what was about the happen.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Sometimes I think I enjoy pain, physically and mentally. Sick right?”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“We began to walk away when I felt a sharp pain rip through my skull. Trevor had grabbed me by my ponytail and flung me to the floor in a fit of rage. I hit the floor, and the force of the impact dazed me.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I found her in the living room watching re-runs of Sons of Anarchy. I think she had a thing for Charlie Hunnam.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“My cousin will fuck anything that moves.” “And yet he hasn’t fucked you.” “Monroe…” “Sorry.” I suppressed the sneaky laugh bubbling in my chest, but it quickly died when a disturbing thought occurred to me.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“I pinched the bridge of my nose and prayed for patience. Sometimes I felt like Di was a pain in the ass on purpose.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“DI: Thank you for being my inspiration for DI. Thank you for giving me the time of day. Thank you for being my confidante in everything dark. Thank you for being a friend.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

“Or what, loser. You need to stop whoring –”

She didn’t get to finish that statement because she was eating metal at the moment. I subdued her with a strong hand against her skull, pushing her face into the locker. I swear I could hear her teeth scraping against the locker. Note to self: disinfect that later.”
― B.B. Reid, quote from Fear Me

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