Quotes from Garden of Shadows

V.C. Andrews ·  376 pages

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“My heart felt like a cold ember. Last night it flamed with hope. Today it was coated with ashes.”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“I could almost believe that a love as passionate as theirs had been would enable them to reach across the abyss between life and death and join hands for some precious moments every night.”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“recalling vividly the love scene I had just witnessed. How much I had been cheated! How much of what should be every woman’s was not mine and”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“they had slept like babies. “Which proves how important it is for a man to return home,”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“El dia quedo teñido de negrura y, a partir de entonces, todos mis dias han sido negros”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“Queria desgarrar la Tierra, destruir el suelo hasta que no quedase nada”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“El Señor nos lo ha dado, el Señor nos lo ha quitado”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

“Pero en alguien tan lleno de vida, amor y esperanza, la sombra de la muerte no se detiene por mucho tiempo, al contrario de lo que nos ocurre a quienes carecemos ya de esperanzas y sueños”
― V.C. Andrews, quote from Garden of Shadows

About the author

V.C. Andrews
Born place: in Portsmouth, Virginia, The United States
Born date June 6, 1923
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