Quotes from The Problem Child

Michael Buckley ·  320 pages

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“The only bad ideas are the ones never tried.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“By the way, you don't need the makeup." Puck said.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“He did something so un-Pucklike, Sabrina couldn’t believe it. He got up sat behind her, and let his enormous fairy wings sprout from his back. Then he wrapped them around her to keep the bitter cold away. It was the first truly nice thing the so-called Trickster King had ever done for her.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“Daphne! Are you okay?”
“Yes. Sabrina?”
“I hate you!” the little girl screamed.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“came out to this site and do you know what I heard?” There was a brief silence and then a loud, squeaky fart. Sabrina turned and saw Puck fall over with laughter. For once, one of his childish pranks was well timed.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“Puck was a genuine pain in the butt, but he had powers and those powers made him useful.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“Sabrina shook off her surprise and together they took turns kicking the stranger.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“You want me to be your boyfriend, don’t you?” Puck taunted. His wings suddenly popped out of his back and he swooped over to Sabrina. Before she knew how to react, the boy kissed her on the lips. A million thoughts ran through Sabrina’s head at once. Puck was annoying. He had dumped her in vats of disgusting glop. He’d put creepy crawlers in her bed. But the most awful thought of them all was the one about the kiss—it was nice.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“The more the girls heard, the more it became clear that Uncle Jake and their straight-laced father had been first-class juvenile delinquents.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“The only bad ideas are the ones never tried,” Puck”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“Puck helped her out the door, wrapping his arm around her and guiding her through the snowdrifts.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“The library spilled onto the floor and into the other rooms. Some books held up wobbly tables, others were literally swept under the rug. Sabrina had once found a book inside the toilet tank.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

“The little girl in the red cloak who had taken her parents was Little Red Riding Hood!”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Problem Child

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Michael Buckley
Born place: Akron, Ohio, The United States
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