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Julie Kagawa ·  72 pages

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“I would be more than her guardian and her champion and the jester who made her laugh. I would be her everything, if I could. -Puck”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Worry not, ice-boy. I already have a plan.” I flashed him my best impish smile, rubbing my hands together. “One brilliant Goodfellow prank, coming right up.” -puck”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Ash sighed. "Don't say anything, Goodfellow."
"What? Me?" I grinned at him. "Say something? I'm not the type who would point out that, for once, this absurd situation isn't my fault. Of Course, I know better than to make deals with crazy Exile Queens with goddess complexes. And if I did, I would expect them to call in the favor at the worst possible time. But I'm certainly not one to rub it in. That would just be wrong."

Ash pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm beginning to regret inviting you."

"You wound me deeply Prince." --- Puck”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

What’s in a name, really? I mean, besides a bunch of
letters or sounds strung together to make a word. Does a
rose by any other name really smell as sweet? Would the
most famous love story in the world be as poignant if it was
called Romeo and Gertrude? Why is what we call
ourselves so important?”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“if I made a habit of waiting for an invitation, I’d never get to go anywhere. - Puck”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“A violin?” I echoed, making a face. “Really? You’re calling in a favor for that? What, you don’t want to wait until you’ve lost a pipe organ or something?” - Puck”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“I could almost feel Meghan against me, shaking with sobs as she mourned her Winter prince. I could feel my arms around her as I whispered that it would be okay, that she still had me, and I would never leave. Ant then I wanted to kick myself in the head for thinking that”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“I stuck my hands deep in my pockets, looked the Seelie Queen right in the eye and muttered, “Because. He fell in love with my princess.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Glitter and streamers of light swirled around
us, and a chorus of tiny voices sang out a single note. I
winced, knowing there was only one person who thought a
normal entrance, like walking through a door, wasn’t good
enough for her; she had to announce her presence with
sparkle and glitter and St. Peter’s choir.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“I was here for Meghan. Because I loved my princess and I wanted her to be happy. Even if her happiness meant she was with someone else. Even if that someone else was my arch rival. I wanted her to be happy.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“There was a fine line between irritation and having icicles hurled at your face.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Ash shook his head, but I saw the shadow of a smirk on his face. “You know I'm probably going to kill you soon, right?” he muttered as we headed off into the trees.
“Old news, ice-boy.” I chuckled, falling into step beside him. “And you know I wouldn't miss it for the world.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Ash glared at me. “Why do things always happen when I'm around you?”
“Just lucky, I suppose,” I said cheerfully, as we hurried away before the rest of the pack could arrive.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“No one turns my Summer princess into a deer and gets away with it, even if it is the Seelie Queen. Even if Meghan would never know that I’d defended her.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“She looked like she was going to a party where the theme was Most Sparkly Evening Gown, or maybe Quickest Way to Blind Someone.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Mr. Cold, Dark and Broody might be a lot of things, but he wasn’t stupid.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Lost?” I broke in. “Lost how? Lost like you dropped it down the sink, or lost like it walked out the door and ran off into the woods?”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

“Of course, when poking the Winter prince,
one had to proceed with caution. There was a fine line
between irritation and having icicles hurled at your
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Summer's Crossing

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