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“Then answer me this...how can you know the good without the understanding of evil? How can you know happiness without experiencing the misery, pleasure without the pain? These things are essential parts of life that need to be faced and endured.”
― quote from Afterlife

“was swept away by a man who had never really existed and the result of my mistake was the broken shell of who I was. My mind had deceived me.”
― quote from Afterlife

“He confessed himself to be a bit of a geek. He was studying computer engineering and loved to play World of Warcraft.”
― quote from Afterlife

“is, after all, the mother from where all mistakes are born!”
― quote from Afterlife

“because I couldn't go on a date with him and secretly I had been relieved. There was nowhere I would”
― quote from Afterlife

“Ever since the incident I hadn’t shown any skin on my arms. I just couldn’t bear the questions that would follow and pity was not what I needed. So I kept my scars concealed at all times, it was bad enough for my eyes to have to see them as a constant reminder.”
― quote from Afterlife

“Then, if that was to be taken away, you wouldn't be you, right?  You would be someone else's idea of you...do you understand?” He asked as I must have looked confused. “Yeah I get it, so what you’re saying is that we would all be like puppets.” “Yes, something like that. You must understand that God gave life, but that is your gift to do with it how you choose to live it. He does not dictate how you do this, nor does he negate your decisions. You must realise that he is neutral when it comes to your free will, you are a product of your own choices and this sometimes, no matter how”
― quote from Afterlife

“but it had been the truth. I was the only one who didn't stand out. I played”
― quote from Afterlife

“energy going on, you must be happy.” Rue said as she came up behind”
― quote from Afterlife

Popular quotes

“Why does that kid think so highly of himself?"
"Kids that think they're so smart.They're everywhere! Destroy is self-esteem!"
"Yes...I really do think highly of myself.People like me should get a taste of the ups and downs of life! Sorry I'm so envious.I will reflect upon this. Please don't be angry.
"There, I said it now. Are you satisfied?"
"Bye bye!"
Beat him.....Beat him until he reaches heaven...!!!
-random people and Hiro-chan

― Natsuki Takaya, quote from Fruits Basket, Vol. 7

“Now I must get up and go while they are all quiet. Where are my things? Things have a will of their own in this place and hide where they like. Daylight will strike a sudden blow on the roof startling them all up to their feet; faces will beam asking, Where are you going, What are you doing, What are you thinking, How do you feel, Why do you say such things, What do you mean?”
― Katherine Anne Porter, quote from Pale Horse, Pale Rider

“Sure, it is weak and illiberal to speak slightingly of any considerable body of men; yet it so happens that the only judges I have known have been froward companions, and it occurs to me that not only are they subjected to the evil influence of authority but also to that of righteous indignation, which is even more deleterious. Those who judge and sentence criminals address them with an unbridled, vindictive righteousness that would be excessive in an archangel and that is indecent to the highest degree in one sinner speaking to another, and he defenceless. Righteous indignation every day, and publicly applauded!”
― Patrick O'Brian, quote from Desolation Island

“You could have arrived atop a wildcat and no one would have said a word. They will adore you.”
― Deeanne Gist, quote from A Bride Most Begrudging

“A car's not the right place for showing off to a girl—the bed's the place for that. The consequences of a mistake there are more upsetting, but less tragic.”
― Sergei Lukyanenko, quote from The Last Watch

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