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“Then answer me this...how can you know the good without the understanding of evil? How can you know happiness without experiencing the misery, pleasure without the pain? These things are essential parts of life that need to be faced and endured.”
― quote from Afterlife

“was swept away by a man who had never really existed and the result of my mistake was the broken shell of who I was. My mind had deceived me.”
― quote from Afterlife

“He confessed himself to be a bit of a geek. He was studying computer engineering and loved to play World of Warcraft.”
― quote from Afterlife

“is, after all, the mother from where all mistakes are born!”
― quote from Afterlife

“because I couldn't go on a date with him and secretly I had been relieved. There was nowhere I would”
― quote from Afterlife

“Ever since the incident I hadn’t shown any skin on my arms. I just couldn’t bear the questions that would follow and pity was not what I needed. So I kept my scars concealed at all times, it was bad enough for my eyes to have to see them as a constant reminder.”
― quote from Afterlife

“Then, if that was to be taken away, you wouldn't be you, right?  You would be someone else's idea of you...do you understand?” He asked as I must have looked confused. “Yeah I get it, so what you’re saying is that we would all be like puppets.” “Yes, something like that. You must understand that God gave life, but that is your gift to do with it how you choose to live it. He does not dictate how you do this, nor does he negate your decisions. You must realise that he is neutral when it comes to your free will, you are a product of your own choices and this sometimes, no matter how”
― quote from Afterlife

“but it had been the truth. I was the only one who didn't stand out. I played”
― quote from Afterlife

“energy going on, you must be happy.” Rue said as she came up behind”
― quote from Afterlife

Popular quotes

“The smallest sprout shows there is really no death, / And if ever there was it led forward life … / All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses, / And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.”
― Kevin Hearne, quote from Hunted

“Minden mese és dallam varázslatból születik”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“Because having the ability to make my skin my own again saved my life.”
― Tammara Webber, quote from Breakable

“Was war, then, the big solution after all? Were those crude early theorists right? War the great aphrodisiac, the great source of world adrenaline, the solvent of ennui, Angst, melancholia, accidia, spleen? War itself a massive sexual act, culminating in a detumescence which was not mere metaphorical dying? War, finally, the controller, the trimmer and excisor, the justifier of fertility?”
― Anthony Burgess, quote from The Wanting Seed

“We call them groundsharks."
Sanguine shook his head immediately. "That's a stupid name. Makes them sound like little shark fins slicing through the living room carpet."
"I wanted to call them razorworms," said Persephone.
"That's a damn sight better than groundsharks."
(Eyes of the Beholder)”
― Derek Landy, quote from Armageddon Outta Here

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