9+ quotes from The Teacher by Katerina Diamond

Quotes from The Teacher

Katerina Diamond ·  400 pages

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“the truth was not always what people wanted to hear; sometimes it was better to keep the burden of truth to yourself.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“Of course every person you meet in life has an impact on who you become, no matter how small the interaction, everything matters.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“People, she knew, are rarely who they show themselves to be. There is always a lie, always a mask.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“When hope fails all that follows is complete and utter despair. Without hope there is no despair.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“It’s very complicated in your head, isn’t it,”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“What the hell happened, then? Where’s the body?’ Daniels was annoyed. ‘Out back in the conservatory, it’s all kinds of fucked up,’ Grey offered.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“the prettier the packaging, the more emotionally expensive the contents.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“the higher you put someone on a pedestal the further they have to fall.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

“trust once broken can never be repaired.”
― Katerina Diamond, quote from The Teacher

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