8+ quotes from Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny

Quotes from Jack of Shadows

Roger Zelazny ·  236 pages

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“I'm a lost soul. We do wail.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“I wonder as to the value of consciousness,” said Jack, “if it does not change the nature of a beast.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“But that is the way it is with all oracles, Jack. When that which is foreseen comes to pass, the inquirer is no longer the same person he was when he posed the question. It is impossible to make a man understand what he will become with the passage of time; and it is only a future self to whom a prophecy is truly relevant.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“As he was cast over the edge, he was able to turn and look upward. Falling, he saw a dark figure in the sky that grew even as his eyes passed over it. Of course, he thought, he has finally looked upon the sunrise and been freed … Wings folded, his great, horned countenance impassive, Morningstar dropped like a black meteor. As he drew near, he extended his arms full length and opened his massive hands. Jack wondered whether he would arrive in time.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“Пощадата, както имах възможност да науча от личен опит, е точно онова, което ти отказват, когато най-много се нуждаеш от него. Ала когато ти самият държиш козовете, същите тези хора вдигат шум до небето за да я получат.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“Soul,” said Jack, turning toward it again, “you’ve been listening. Do you have any suggestions?” “I have only one desire.” “What is that?” “To be united with you. To go through life with you, comforting and cautioning, and—” “Wait a moment,” said Jack, raising his hand. “What does it require for you to be united with me?” “Your consent.” Jack smiled. He lit a cigarette, his hands trembling slightly. “What if I were to withhold my consent?” he asked. “Then I would become a wanderer. I would follow you at a distance, unable to comfort you and caution you, unable—” “Great,” said Jack. “I withhold my consent. Get out of here.” “Are you joking? That’s a hell of a way to treat a soul. Here I am, waiting to comfort and caution you, and you kick me out. What will people say? ‘There goes Jack’s soul,’ they’ll say, ‘poor thing.”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“Unlike the other darkside Lords, whose places of power were fixed geographical localities where they reigned supreme, Jack’s was more a tenuous one, and liable to speedy cancellation, but it existed wherever light and objects met to make a lesser darkness. With”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

“A prisoner of he who has already slain you once, he thought. No doubt near to his place of power, in a cage built just for me. Bad. Bad. There”
― Roger Zelazny, quote from Jack of Shadows

About the author

Roger Zelazny
Born place: in Euclid, Ohio, The United States
Born date May 13, 1937
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