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Angela Graham ·  320 pages

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“I'll never give up. You have my heart, my soul, my everything. When you're ready, I'll be here." -Logan”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

“I wanted you that night, Cassandra. More than I've ever wanted any woman. But I'm thankful every day that you wouldn't let me have my way. We wouldn't be here today if I had slept with you then.”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

“I continued with heavy sobs."Please Cassandra.Wake up,sweetheart.I'll do anything.I need you.You're all I've ever needed.All I've ever wanted."

I pulled away and stroked my finger across her chin.She was everything, and for the first time in my life, I knew I would never want anyone elese.
I caved and placed a small kis on her forehead.My lips needed to feel her just once more. I didn't deserve it but I wasn't ready to be a gentleman now. Pulling back, I looked down at her, my heart swelling in my chest.
"I love you," I murmured,my head resting next to her ear.”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

“I'll never give up. You have my heart, my soul, my everything. When you're ready, I'll be here.”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

“And by the way, I enjoyed your pool very much. It's a shame you'll never get me that wet.”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

“Love be damned; I never wanted to feel that vulnerable and broken again.”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

“he first time I ever laid eyes on you, you were jogging with your friend, Hilary,” he murmured. I lowered my gaze back to the tiny shoe and smiled.

“The first time I ever had the pleasure of hearing your voice,” he titled his head in thought, “you ended up tripping and needed bandaged.”

His finger brushed over the tiny silver Band-Aid. Tears began pooling in my eyes. His gift was unlike anything I ever expected. I wasn’t sure what to think or even feel in that moment.

“The first time I knew you were more than a pretty face,” he smiled, his thumb caressing my cheek for the briefest moment, “you brought Oliver and me muffins.” His voice cracked and I bit my bottom lip as he touched upon the tiny muffin.

The burn of a stray tear as it slipped down my cheek pulled my gaze to my lap. Quickly, I wiped it away.

Next, he held up the miniature swimming pool in his hand and I laughed, looking up at him.

“This one speaks for itself, sweetheart.” His smile widened into a broad grin. “It was a night I’ll never forget…and one I wouldn’t mind experiencing again next summer.”

My head shot down, heat creeping up my cheeks. I shook my head, chuckling.

“This,” he held up a music note, “is for the first time we danced.” He lowered the bracelet and looked me in the eyes. “I wanted you that night, Cassandra. More than I’ve ever wanted any woman. But I’m thankful every day that you wouldn’t let me have my way.” He sighed. “We wouldn’t be here today if I had slept with you then.”

He looked back down, frowning. “I can’t image you not being here today.”

My heart swelled helping me find my voice.

“The pumpkin patch,” I said, running my fingers over the shiny jack-o-lantern.

“Yes, the first day I realized I wanted nothing more than to protect you. From your ex, from anyone that could hurt you.”

I smiled, his words soothing every part of my soul.

“The carnival.” I smiled, remembering our day together. The charm was of a Ferris wheel and the only one that was gold.

Logan took my hand and clasped the bracelet around my wrist. He looked up at me, my hand still in his.

“The first day I knew Oliver was falling in love with you.”
― Angela Graham, quote from Inevitable

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