7+ quotes from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All by Joseph Duncan

Quotes from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

Joseph Duncan ·  270 pages

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“In a culture that worshipped its ancestors, to die without offspring was next of kin to damnation.”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

“I believed in the spirits of my ancestors.”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

“No child is ever loved as they are loved by the ones who gave them life.”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

“I have always found it both bitter and sweet that men become childlike in their old age.”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

“I have visited a great many cathedrals and have yet to burst into flames.”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

“We worshiped our ancestors. We believed in the spirits of men and animals,”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All

“Sometimes I think it is that loneliness that drove our species a little bit insane. Why else would we have invented such a vast assortment of preposterous characters, all those pantheons of mad gods and uncountable legions of angels and devils and supernatural dream-things, if not to fill the void”
― Joseph Duncan, quote from The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All


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