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“Bloodlines and last names didn't make a man extraordinary — the extraordinary existed in what we did in life, not in who we were.”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

“We are not defined by our lack of fear—Dad had said, smiling as Ethan let our four-year-old brother tackle him—but rather by what we choose to do when facing the nightmare.”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

“We are not defined by our lack of fear but rather by what we choose to do when facing the nightmare.”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

“Fortune favors the bold," he said. "But she'll only fall for a bloke who's got an ace up his sleeve.”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

“My people are condemned to wander this eternal twilight”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

“The problem with a cross is - It fails the unbeliever.”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

“Unlike Dad, she'd always known just the right things to say, and her words felt like bandages or spurs or even ledges, instead of Dad's bullets and knives and nooses.”
― Courtney Alameda, quote from Shutter

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Courtney Alameda
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“We are alive, the wolves said. And the world is beautiful.”
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“Our past is our key to our future,”
― Bill O'Reilly, quote from Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot

“Come Neti, my chief keeper of the gates of Kur, and listen carefully to what I say: Lock up and bolt the seven gates of Kur, then, one by one, open each gate and let Innana enter through the crack. Bring her down. But as she enters, take her regal costume from her, take the crown, the necklace, and the beads that fall across her breast, the golden breastplate on her chest, the bracelet and the rod and line. Strip her of everything, even the royal robe, and let the holy priestess of the earth, the queen of heaven, enter here bowed low.”
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“When I look in the fridge, I see groceries, but I don't see food. My stomach growls; but there is no appetite.

Appetite and hunger are different. Appetite is the mental prompting that kicks the auto-response into drive so you actually reach out, take the food, put it in your mouth, chew, and swallow. I learned this in my first psychology course. Eating isn't just a physical need; it starts in the mind, generating hunger, which then should trigger the body to ingest food. I have no sparks between these plugs.”
― quote from Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood

“The first thing she noticed were the lightbulbs in the ceiling.
She wondered where the spindlers had gotten them, and where the wires for the electricity ran to, and pictured some poor family Above whose bills were always too high at the end of the month, and the father who would yell at the children about where all that power went - when really, of course, it was the spindlers that were the whole problem.”
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