10+ quotes from Backlash by Jack L. Pyke

Quotes from Backlash

Jack L. Pyke ·  357 pages

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“I'd do the bastard, then hold the man for a lifetime afterwards.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“Psychopath." Martin sniffed and shifted his hands down his body to highlight the finery. "Born this way, fuckturd. Jack's the made in the UK sociopath. Don't you know the fucking difference?”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“How first loves and touches didn’t come close to being given the rare privilege of being someone’s last kiss.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“Jack, you're a switch in every sense of the word.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“The shit bowl is always easier to clean once it's been flushed. You don't need to know who's sat and caused the stench.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“Good," said Jack, "because if you get any closer to that car in front, the driver'll be sticking up a sign asking you to climb up through the back window and give him head before you fuck him up the ass, is all.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“Well, it's better than those yellow sticky labels you suggested tagging to his ass, when we first met.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“Kind of a Straight For You Thing?”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“I'm doing my job, Jan, and it's fucking killing me with how I'm being made to dance naked in different whore-house windows.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash

“when an open sewage system had forced MPs out of the Houses of Parliament, with delicate handkerchiefs held up to their noses to escape the clash of the classes via their asses.”
― Jack L. Pyke, quote from Backlash


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Jack L. Pyke
Born place: in The United Kingdom
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