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17+ quotes from Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Quotes from Hunting Lila

Sarah Alderson ·  318 pages

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“He who fears to suffer,
Suffers from fear..”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“I felt his other hand sear hot against my cheek. He bent his head, and in a voice that Jack couldn’t hear, said, “When you came down the stairs, and fell into me, that was the moment.” Then his lips pressed against mine.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“When I said I had no choice about helping you, I meant it. There was no other option because you are the only option. I don't trust anything at the moment. But the one thing I am sure of, the one thing I do trust..." he paused for a fraction of a second, "is the way I feel about you.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“It's Lila--come on, Jack. She might be a little impulsive but that doesn't make her a sociopath.'
I swivelled my gaze to Jack, trying my best not to look like a sociopath.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“I sunk down onto the bench in the middle of the car. So Alex had loved me the whole time, from the moment we'd seen each other again? All that time I'd been freaking out about Rachel? All that time I'd spent inches away from him, sleeping in his bed by myself; sitting opposite him at dinner, smashing plates; clinging to him on the back of his bike; sneaking peeks at him through a half-ajar bathroom door - and all the time he'd been in love with me? We'd wasted all that time when we could have been kissing? And he'd had to wait until two seconds before leaving me until he told me? If the Unit didn't kill him, I was going to.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“I wandered over to the motorbike and read the work Triumph on the side. 'How long has he had it?' I asked Jack.
'No. Over my dead body.' Jack's expression was hard.
'[…] I told Dad I'd keep you safe and the Alex you know is not the Alex who drives that bike. He's not known to respect the speed limit.'
Now I definitely wanted to go on it.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“I didn't steal it,' I stammered in protest. I had so stolen it.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“He finished tying the knot and looked me in the face and I felt my gaze fall from his eyes to his lips and back again. "Why are you giving it back to me?" I asked. He pressed his thumb to my bottom lip and I heard an intake of air. That was me, I thought, before my head started to spin. Then he bent his head and kissed me. Just lightly, for a short few seconds before drawing away again.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“I felt the engine growl deep as Alex pressed down the accelerator. His foot would be through the floor soon. If looks could kill, the road would be dead.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“I couldn't bear the thought of Alex looking at me like I was a freak. It was bad enough that the looked at me as Jack's sister.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“Alex shot her a look that was colder than liquid nitrogen.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“He kept his eyes on mine, his gaze unblinking, and I stared right back into the blue. He moved almost imperceptibly and in the space between a heartbeat his lips touched mine.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“But, like most things in life, unless you really work at it, anger's a hard thing to hold on to.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“Un rugido arrojado rasgó el aire y ambos nos volteamos para ver una moto de color rojo acercándose a la acera detrás del auto de Jack. El piloto levantó la mano en señal de saludo y luego se quitó el casco. Mi boca cayó abierta. Era Alex. Y sonreía de oreja a oreja.
¿Alex montaba una moto? ¿Desde cuándo? Y, más importante aún, ¿cuándo podría tener un paseo en ella?”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“—No. No vuelvas a pensar así. No tiene nada que ver con eso. Lo que sea que puedes hacer, cualquier habilidad que tengas, todavía eres Lila. Es parte de ti; quién eres. Y no cambiaría nada de ti, que no sea tal vez tu inclinación a salir corriendo —añadió en el último momento.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“—Cuando bajaste las escaleras y caíste sobre mí, ese fue el momento. — Luego, sus labios se presionaron contra los míos.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila

“—Cuando dije que no tenía opción excepto ayudarte, lo dije en serio. No había otra opción, porque tú eres la única opción. No confío en nada por el momento. Pero de lo que sí estoy seguro, en lo único en lo que tengo confianza...—se detuvo por una fracción de segundo—... es la manera en que me siento por ti.”
― Sarah Alderson, quote from Hunting Lila


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Sarah Alderson
Born place: London, The United Kingdom
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