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“Children," Johanna drawled out. "They're such a joy. When you get married and have a family of your own, you'll understand what I'm saying. You are going to get married someday, aren't you, Keith?"
"Aye, m'lady," he answered. "Next summer as a matter of fact. Bridgid MacCoy has agreed to become my wife."
She couldn't quite hide her disappointment. She turned her gaze down the table and settled on Michael as a possibility.
He caught her staring at him. He smiled. She nodded. "Children," she began again. "They're wonderful, aren't they, Michael?"
"If you say so, m'lady."
"Oh, I do say," she replied. "When you get married, you'll understand. You do plan to marry someday, don't you, Michael?"
"Eventually," he answered with a shrug.
"Have you anyone in mind?"
"Are you matchmaking, m'lady?" Keith asked.
"Why would you think that?"
"I'll marry Helen when I'm ready," Michael interjected. "I've told her I will, and she agreed to wait."
Johanna frowned. The possibilities were becoming a bit limited. She turned to Niall.
"Children…" she began.
"She is matchmaking," Keith announced.
It was as though he'd just shouted the alarm that they were under siege. The soldiers literally jumped from their stools. They bowed to Johanna and left the room in the space of a single minute. She didn't even have enough time to order them back into their seats.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

“Johanna sat by the fire every night and worked on her tapestry. Dumfries waited until she was settled in her chair and then draped himself across her feet. It became a ritual for Alex to squeeze himself up next to her and fall asleep during her stories about fierce warriors and fair maidens. Johanna's tales all had a unique twist, for none of the heroines she told stories about ever needed to be rescued by their knights in shining armor. More often than not, the fair maidens rescued their knights.
Gabriel couldn't take issue with his wife. She was telling Alex the truth. It was a fact that maidens could rescue mighty, arrogant warriors. Johanna had certainly rescued him from a bleak, cold existence. She'd given him a family and a home. She was his love, his joy, his companion.
She was his saving grace.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

“Do you think my husband and his soldiers will be overly upset with me?"
The priest broke into a wide grin. "I'll stand by your side when we find out," he said. "I would be honored to escort you to your husband."
The priest took hold of Johanna's arm. She didn't notice. "I expect them to be a little upset at first," she explained. "But only just a little."
"Yes," he agreed. "Tell me, lass. When was your last confession?"
"Why do you ask?"
"It's preferred to receive absolution before you meet your Maker.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

“An english baron wed to my daughter? I'll die first, I will." Johanna quit rubbing Claire's shoulder and stepped forward.
"A very rich baron," she blurted out. The laird frowned at Johanna with what she thought was indignation.
"Wealth is not an issue here," he muttered. "How rich?"
They were married an hour later.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

“She was the love of his life. “Hell.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

“A barren woman served no purpose in this kingdom. Her very reason for existing had been snatched away.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

“Signori,sono tante le vie per entrare in un castello",comincio' Johanna,la voce roca per lo sforzo di controllarsi.
"Signora",la interruppe' Keith."Ne abbiamo gia' parlato.Non siete riuscita ancora a convincervi? C'e' una porta sul retro e quella principale..."
"Stai zitto!"grido' Johanna."Mi fai venire voglia di urlare!"
"Voi state gia' urlando signora."Le fece notare un altro soldato"
Johanna fece un profondo respiro.Li avrebbe fatti ragionare,anche a costo di morire per lo sforzo.
"Vi sto dando una lezione sciocchi!Ci sono tanti modi per spellare un pesce,capite?"
"Qui non spelliamo i pesci", intervenne un soldato " li mangiamo interi!"

La Signora dei Clan”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Saving Grace

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