10+ quotes from Revan by Drew Karpyshyn

Quotes from Revan

Drew Karpyshyn ·  289 pages

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“I am Revan reborn. And before me you are nothing.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“Are you certain of these accusations?” “I would stake my life on them, my lord Emperor.” “You already have.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“He no longer clung to the simplistic ideals of right and wrong or good and evil. He understood better than anyone that dark and light were intertwined in strange and complex ways.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“We Mandalorians have a saying,” Canderous explained. “A warrior who doesn’t hope for battle has no hope during battle.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“HERE THE DARKNESS REIGNS ETERNAL. There is no sun, no dawn; just the perpetual gloom of night. The only illumination comes from jagged forks of lightning, carving a wicked path through angry clouds. In their savage wake thunder shreds the sky, unleashing a torrent of hard, cold rain. The storm is coming, and there is no escape.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“He is human—they are a lesser species. Over the decades, the dark side has exacted too great a toll on his body. He is a hollow shell of what he once was.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“Destroying your enemies—even destroying a planet—was understandable. But this wasn’t simple destruction. It was annihilation; obliteration. The very fabric of the Force had been shredded. Anyone capable of turning an entire planet into a nihilistic abomination had to be completely mad.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“The vile beverage packed plenty of kick; he hadn’t had a hangover this bad since his wedding night. His head was spinning, his eyes were blurred, and his mouth tasted like he’d been chewing on bantha fur.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“Now you know why I told HK-Forty-seven he couldn’t come,” Revan told T3. “He’d probably try to clear a path through all these ‘meatbags’ with a flamethrower.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

“If they managed to kill you, then you weren’t worthy of serving me,” Nyriss explained. “If you killed them, then you proved that they were a waste of resources. Either way, I would be left with the most suitable candidate for the job.”
― Drew Karpyshyn, quote from Revan

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Drew Karpyshyn
Born place: in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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