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“Because it’s only ever been you.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“He burned with the need to hug her. But since their reconciliation they’d kept each other at arm’s length, as if they were both aware that to step into the murky waters of physical contact would break down the delicate dam they’d created.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“Richard.” Her voice was surprisingly strong. She could do this. She could tell him the truth, and then get the hell out of here.
Back on a plane.
Back home.
Back to him.
“Richard, we had a baby.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“It never ends, does it? Just when you think the hardest part is over, something else comes up to take its place.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“PS: Does room 101 contain your worst fear?”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“They’d both made separate deals with the devil, promising not to step over the invisible line if it allowed them to be in each other’s lives. They’d made the mistake once before of trying to be lovers, and look how that turned out.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“Hanna’s quirkiness endeared her to him.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“He was the sun and she was in orbit; circling, attracted to him. Everything about him made her burn.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

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