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“Because it’s only ever been you.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“He burned with the need to hug her. But since their reconciliation they’d kept each other at arm’s length, as if they were both aware that to step into the murky waters of physical contact would break down the delicate dam they’d created.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“Richard.” Her voice was surprisingly strong. She could do this. She could tell him the truth, and then get the hell out of here.
Back on a plane.
Back home.
Back to him.
“Richard, we had a baby.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“It never ends, does it? Just when you think the hardest part is over, something else comes up to take its place.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“PS: Does room 101 contain your worst fear?”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“They’d both made separate deals with the devil, promising not to step over the invisible line if it allowed them to be in each other’s lives. They’d made the mistake once before of trying to be lovers, and look how that turned out.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“Hanna’s quirkiness endeared her to him.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

“He was the sun and she was in orbit; circling, attracted to him. Everything about him made her burn.”
― Carrie Elks, quote from Fix You

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Carrie Elks
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Popular quotes

“I see specks
of the Universe in your eyes.

A body of stardust
that gives me a high.

And when we make love
the stars shine brighter than usual.

When we lie there
holding each other,

I see love making us.”
― Saiber, quote from Stardust and Sheets

“I excuse myself and go to the ladies’ room. Washing my hands, I give myself a little you
can do this type pep talk. When I walk out, I see him leaned up against the wall opposite the door.
"Long line for the men's room?" I try to joke, moving past him.
His hand circles my wrist, stopping me. I inhale, frozen in place. My back is to him. I don't
try to pull away. I can't move. I just look down at his hand, staring at his damn freckle.
"What are you playing at, Will?'
"Playing?" He tugs my arm back so I'm facing him. "I promise you this is no game."
"Alright, what do you want from me? Is that better?" I practically spit.
"Everything." He's moved his hands up to hold my biceps. "I want everything from you."
Everything. That one word still breaks my heart when I think back to that night.
My head snaps back as though he's struck me. Don’t cry, just don’t cry. "I gave you
everything once. Now I have nothing left for you."
I pull myself from his grasp and hurry back to the table.”
― Carey Heywood, quote from Him

“Did angels appear that way? They did in the Bible, Paul said, be sure to entertain stranger, because many had entertained angels unaware. If he never showed up again, she’d be inclined to think she’d hallucinated the entire thing, Jared and all.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“But once Violet saw the inheret sadness in one thing, she couldn't stop.”
― Maria Semple, quote from This One is Mine

“Marry yourself first -- promise never to leave you!”
― S.A.R.K., quote from Succulent Wild Woman

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