6+ quotes from Child of the Prophecy by Juliet Marillier

Quotes from Child of the Prophecy

Juliet Marillier ·  596 pages

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“Good and bad; shade and sunlight, there's but a hair's breath between them. It's all one in the end.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Child of the Prophecy

“My daughter," I said blankly. "I see. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought
it took a man, as well as a woman, to make a child. Is this infant's father to
be a crab, or a seagull maybe? Or were you planning to shipwreck some likely
sailor on my doorstep, so I can make convenient use of him?”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Child of the Prophecy

“Later I stirred again, knowing the night was passing, but unwilling to wake fully lest this fair vision be lost forever. There was an arm across me, holding the cloak around me; and the same old blanket covered the two of us. Darragh lay behind me, his body curled neatly against my own, his living warmth a part of me, his slow peaceful breathing steady against my hair. I kept quite still. I did not allow myself to return to full consciousness. I thought, if it all ended right now, I wouldn’t mind a bit. Let it end now, so I need never wake. And I slipped back into sleep.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Child of the Prophecy

“Goodbye Curly. I'll see you next summer. Keep out of trouble, now, until I come back.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Child of the Prophecy

“Man sets his hand to games of power and influence, he quests for far horizons and wealth beyond imagining. He thinks to own what cannot be possessed. He hews the ancient trees to broaden his grazing lands; he mines the deep caves and topples the standing stones. He embraces a new faith with fervor and, perhaps, with sincerity. But he grows ever further from the old things. He can no longer hear the heartbeat of the earth, his mother. He cannot smell the change in the air; he cannot see what lies beyond the veil of shadows. Even his new god is formed in his own image, for do they not call him the son of man? By his own choice he is cut adrift from the ancient cycles of sun and moon, the ordered passing of the seasons. And without him, the Fair Folk dwindle and are nothing. They retreat and hide themselves, and are reduced to the clurichaun with his little ale jug; the brownie who steals the cow's milk at Samhain; the half-heard wailing of the banshee. They become no more than a memory in the mind of a frail old man; a tale told by a crazy old woman.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Child of the Prophecy

“O que existe entre nós está para além do amor, Fainne. Ele é meu marido, meu amante e amigo, aquele a quem eu posso confiar os meus maiores segredos. Espero que um dia também tu tenhas a alegria de encontrar um parceiro assim, pois nada é mais importante.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Child of the Prophecy

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Juliet Marillier
Born place: in Dunedin, New Zealand
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