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16+ quotes from Exposure by Alan Russell

Quotes from Exposure

Alan Russell ·  336 pages

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“Graham had this sinking feeling in his stomach. It felt like Paris all over again. If Lanie died this whole affair would blow up in his face. Hollywood would want a scapegoat, and he fit the bill to a T. His having tried to help wouldn’t matter. The star machine would crucify him.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“Burke impatiently motioned for Graham to come and help get Lanie into”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“Graham got a feel for how paramedics were pumped for information as they delivered their charges to the ER.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“Burke continued: “We need to get Lanie out of here before the paparazzi start camping on the doorstep. I’ve called for a medical van to pick her up and take her back to her house.” “What’s going”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“wished the Citroën were an automatic. He could have put it in drive and let it commit suicide on its own. The stick meant he had to push it over the edge.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“needed to get shit-faced and forget everything that had happened.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“Croc was furiously signaling for him to pull over. Lady Godiva’s hand was over her mouth. She looked terrified.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“Just before the tunnel’s entrance, the Peugeot smashed the Citroën’s left taillight, shattering glass.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“Graham sniffed the air. There was an acrid, familiar smell, the heavy smoke of marijuana. Had they gone down below to smoke grass?”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“smashing into the wreck, mere inches separating him from the accident.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“When Lady Godiva took her famous ride, the townspeople of Coventry all agreed they wouldn’t watch as she passed by. But supposedly there was one fellow, a tailor named Tom, who violated their agreement by peeping at her through an open shutter. Peeping Tom paid for his lecherous ways.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“They drove for almost a quarter of an hour before”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“The world was amoral. To be idealistic was to ask to be blindsided,”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“There was no better time to intimidate than when waking someone from a deep sleep.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“an actor friend of mine calls the ‘John Wayne status.’ ” “What’s that?” The question brought a small smile to her face. “Wayne never performed until he finished his morning’s business. Usually, he was regular. But every so often, he was stymied. Sometimes there would be hundreds of people on the set milling about for hours, waiting for one man to have a bowel movement.”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

“brought back memories of that night. Truth serum. His captors”
― Alan Russell, quote from Exposure

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Alan Russell
Born place: in The United States
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