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“Anger was a waste of time and energy. Anger was useless."Anger" was the label given to the emotion that accomplished nothing.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“If I think she' hot and it turns out she's a psychopath, then what does that say about me? I'm totally not ready for that kind of therapy.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“She screamed. Her screaming was beautiful. But, truth be told he missed the crying.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Yes,” Howie said solemnly. “I can teach you how to be more ‘street’”.
“For God’s sake…”
“Or is it ‘urban’? I can’t remember. Anyway, I can teach you, grasshopper. Or hip-hopper.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Your words hurt, Jazz. They hurt like cotton balls thrown in my direction.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Well, of course it was Billy screwing with his mind. That's what Billy did. Dear Old Dad had a PhD in mind screwing. The question was, was it just Billy screwing with his mind?”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Jazz felt as though his own life was a mindfield, one he'd lost the map for. One wrong step and he'd lose a foot or leg. or his mind.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“He didn't dislike New York with the simple diffidence of a small-town kid or the tragic ignorance of a yokel--he hated it with what he hoped was his soul.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“That's what I thought I was. A stalker of stalkers. A predator preying on predators.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Billy Dent stared in the mirror. He didn't quite recognize himself, but that was nothing new. Billy had almost always seen a stranger in mirrors, ever since childhood. At first he had hated and feared the figure that seemed to pursue him everywhere, stalking him through mirrors and store windows. But eventually Billy came to understand that what he saw in the mirror was what other people saw when they looked at him.

Other people somehow did not see the real Billy. They saw something that looked like them. Something that looked human and mortal. Something that looked like a prospect.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Any man worth having will wait for his woman to be ready. How can I not return the favor?”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Ginny Davis—poor, dead Ginny—had lent Connie a set of yoga DVDs that looked like they’d come from the ancient 1990s.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“You think you're gonna find your soul. Ever since I've known you, you've been thinkin' that someday you're gonna crack and end up like your daddy. And you're been looking for proof that you won't. What you don't realize is this: the looking is the proof. Trust me when I tell you that Billy Dent never had a moment's doubt in his life about what he was and what he was doing. Your doubt is your soul”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“They sent spies", Gramma went on, her voice a hush, "and they look like one man, but they can split into two, then four, and so on. I've seen it before. During the war. It's a Communist trick and they taught it to the Democrats so that they could take our guns. I would have fought them off, but they already made the shotgun disappear.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

“Women always cried. It was their last, best weapon. It made boyfriends apologize and husbands fold them in their arms. It made Daddy spend the extra money on the prom dress.”
― Barry Lyga, quote from Game

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