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Cindy C. Bennett ·  318 pages

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“Trev, all you had to do was breathe to make me want you. ”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“No, I don't party; no, I don't dress in black leather and chains; that's not my style. That's how I was raised. I worry about getting good grades and I go to church and I watch sci-fi movies and I generally follow the rules. Most people would call me a geek or a nerd. You've called me that many times. But that isn't everything that defines me. I mean, look at me, sitting here in a rainstorm under a tree that's probably going to kill us when the lightning hits it, holding the hand of a pretty cool girl who really is the opposite of me, a girl that I happen to be in love with. A girl I couldn't have imagined would want to be with me. But here she is, letting me hold her hand, trying to tell me why she isn't good enough for me. That's crazy.”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“Trev--"I heard you were going to go out with him and I burned with jealousy. No, burning isn't the right word. I was more like an inferno. So I followed you....."

"You're as pathetic as I am," I gasped out.

"Worse," he qualifies. "I'm a pathetic geek."

I snuggle back in to him "Yeah, well so am I.”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“Who knew that you would be The One," I smile, "which I guess makes me your Trinity."

"My Amidala."

"Your Zira."

"My Sylvia."

"Your..." I scour my brain, trying to remember some other great sci-fi love interest.

"Ha! I'm your Saphira," I settle back smugly, only for Trevor to start laughing.

"Saphira is a dragon.”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“Jen--"I am sorry that I hurt you. I don't have the words to tell you how sorry I am about that."..."I would do anything to take that part away. I would do anything to change the hurt I know I caused you. But I can't be sorry about making the bet with Ella and Beth because if I hadn't done that, I would never have gotten to know you.”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“Yeah, I guess I do.” My heart plummets again. “Or I did. Maybe I still do. I don’t know. But I didn’t bring her to the dance. I brought you. It seems I spend all my time with you.”

“Why is that?” I’m genuinely curious but aware that I could be opening a door I don’t want opened. I quickly rephrase. “I mean, why do you want to?”

He looks thoughtful.

“You’re funny,” he finally says. “I laugh a lot when I’m with you. I always have fun when I’m with you. And you try to hide it, but you’re actually pretty sweet.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say,” I say petulantly, crossing my arms tightly again. He chuckles.

“And you’re really smart.”

“Now I know you’re lying.”

“You are. But you try to hide that as well. And you’re pretty.”

“Worse and worse,” I moan. He grins.

“And when I’m with you, I don’t want to be anywhere else or with anyone else.”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“He grins as he straightens and walks toward me, the grin that brings out the dimples and nearly takes my knees out. I'm such a marshmallow.”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

“Trevor : “Who says that you’re not good?” He sounds a little angry.
“Who says that, Jen? Kyle? Beth? Ella? Your mother? You? Who
gave any of you the right to decide who’s good and who’s not?”
― Cindy C. Bennett, quote from Geek Girl

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