Quotes from Night World, No. 2

L.J. Smith ·  662 pages

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“It means that there's only one love for everyone who exists. And when you meet that love, you know them. You know you were meant to be together, and nothing can keep you apart.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“Even if you kill her, she'll still be alive-here." He tapped his chest. "In me. I keep her here. She's part of me. So until you kill me, you can't really kill her. And you can't win. It's that simple.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“She was with her flying companion-her playmate. The one who was sacred to her, who was the other half of the mysteries of life for her. The one who would always be there for her, helping her, watching her back, picking her up when she fell down, listening to her stories-no matter how many times she told them. Loving her even when she was stupid. Understanding her without words. Being inside the innermost circle in her mind.
Her soulmate.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“She was the one who was supposed to have walked with him through different lives, being born and loving and dying and being born again. They'd been born for each other, to help each other grow and blossom and discover and evolve.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“Our minds work alike, she thought. She had found her partner, her equal, the one to work and live and love with her. Her soulmate.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“And then it was all happening, what had started to happen at least twice before. Feelings so sweet and strong she could hardly bear it. Strange recognition, unexpected belonging…impossible knowing…”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“It's the idea that everyone has one and just one soulmate in the world, and that if you find them, you recognize them immediately.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“It was as if the normal veil that separated two people had melted.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“Rumors spread fast, and they grow. I know. You want to either deny them, or disarm them”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“But Thierry was shaking his head. "It doesn't matter." His voice was still quiet, but it was filled with the authority of absolute conviction, a kind of bedrock certainty that held even Hannah mesmerized.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

“There was a silence. Hannah's own heart was twisted with the force of her love for him. Her eyes were full.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 2

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L.J. Smith
Born place: in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The United States
Born date September 4, 2018
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