11+ quotes from Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

Quotes from Fuzzy Nation

John Scalzi ·  6 pages

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“Get off my planet, you son of a bitch.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“You're an interesting person, Jack." Sullivan said. "I wish I could figure out what you were thinging when you punched Stern and turned on Isabel."

"Well, I think that's the thing." Holloway said. "I think it's clear that sometimes I just don't think."

"I think you do." Sullivan said. "It's just you think about you first. The not thinking part comes right after that.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“Jack Holloway told me he would get the son of a bitch who killed my child and the mate of my child," Papa continued. "Jack Holloway did get that son of a bitch. Jack Holloway got you. You are the man who killed my child. Get off my planet, you son of a bitch.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“Well, I’m sorry you might possibly be out a bit of money, Jack,” Isabel said. “Jesus, Isabel,” Holloway said. He opened the door. “A bit of money? Try at least a couple billion credits. That’s billion, with a b. Saying that’s a bit of money is like saying a forest fire is a nice way to roast some marshmallows.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“Well, life is like that sometimes", Isabel said. "We learn things too late, and then we don't get to use them.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“Well, I’m sorry my telling the truth about the stupid things you do is inconvenient for you,”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“Pleasure doing business with you, Chad,” Holloway said, setting down the infopanel. “Please die in a fire, Jack,” Bourne said.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“It takes a certain kind of dog to willingly demote himself from alpha dog, and that dog was Carl. Holloway would have to speak to him about it, for what little good it would do, Carl being a dog and all.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“Sometimes in life you’re going to win and sometimes you’re going to lose. But just because you lose doesn’t mean the other guy needs to win.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“I’m not a good man, Mark,” Holloway said. “But I was the right man. And for this, that was enough.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

“But everyone knows you need fireworks to make independence official.”
― John Scalzi, quote from Fuzzy Nation

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