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6+ quotes from Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

Quotes from Boy Nobody

Allen Zadoff ·  340 pages

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“It's the kind of leather seat that pulls you in, begs to to relax against it.”
― Allen Zadoff, quote from Boy Nobody

“You want to come back to the bank vault?” Jack says.
The bank vault. That’s what Jack calls his house.”
― Allen Zadoff, quote from Boy Nobody

“There was some violence a year ago. An important kid got shot during an attempted kidnapping while on spring break in Mexico. The Fortune 500 went security crazy. Now rich kids like Jack need a commando team to take a dump.”
― Allen Zadoff, quote from Boy Nobody

“You think that just because you’re in a politician’s house, you’re seeing the real person? Pretty naive, Ben.”
― Allen Zadoff, quote from Boy Nobody

“Your best kicks ass and takes names,” Jack says, and he punches my shoulder again.”
― Allen Zadoff, quote from Boy Nobody

“I listen as I walk down the hall, measuring off the seconds before she closes the door. With a friend, you might close it right behind them. With someone you’re interested in, you might wait a few seconds before closing. And with someone you’re falling for . . . With someone you’re falling for, you don’t go inside. You wait and watch them go. Just like she’s doing now.”
― Allen Zadoff, quote from Boy Nobody


About the author

Allen Zadoff
Born place: Boston, The United States
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