Quotes from Evil Spy School

Stuart Gibbs ·  336 pages

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“Apparently, the folks at SPYDER really liked fro-yo sundaes: There were dozens of toppings, ranging from crumbled toffee to rainbow sprinkles.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

“On the other hand, I came from a long line of grocers.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

“those newbies after you in the first place?”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

“So no lowering them into pools full of crocodiles or trying to slice them in half with lasers or anything like that.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

“Kill them quickly?” Murray asked, without bothering to raise his hand. “Really? Isn’t it more fun to draw their death out a little? To make them suffer?” Joshua sighed. “No. We’re not James Bond villains here, kids. The more you draw out your enemy’s deaths, the more chance they have to escape. So no lowering them into pools full of crocodiles or trying to slice them in half with lasers or anything like that. Just shoot them and be done with it.” Ashley”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

“I had to admit the whole thing was pretty clever. “Okay. So SPYDER has a plan for Hidden Forest. Do they have one for us?” Murray”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

“Her father had once showed me a baby picture of her playing with nunchucks.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Evil Spy School

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Stuart Gibbs
Born date May 12, 2018
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