Quotes from Blood for Blood

Ryan Graudin ·  484 pages

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“Her heart kept splitting inside her. Growing and breaking, rended and rendered, reminding her that she was so, so sick of death. All it carried. All it buried.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“But their roots went deep, bound them together in a collective memory. With each new arrival, they pieced together more of their past, built more of their future.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“The loss inside him kept piling—vertebrae shattered, finger bones lost, gravestone past and guillotine future, ghost woman and her ghost curls,”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“Don't show emotion." Kurt Löwe gave his son a rough shake, "Don't you ever show emotion. Tears are weakness. And I won't have any son of mine being weak. You're going to stand here until you top crying.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“Don’t let your heart get in the way of your head.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“Here was a people. A family. A faith.
Her people. Her family. Her faith.
Here was a silence broken.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“Fear is not an excuse,” Yael told him. “Fear is being human.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“All these skills I've taught you--they're burdens. Not gifts. Taking a life takes something from me. When you choose to kill, make sure it is for the right reasons. Make sure the decision is something you can live with.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

“It will take time to heal. Just like all the others.”
― Ryan Graudin, quote from Blood for Blood

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Ryan Graudin
Born place: in Charleston, The United States
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