Quotes from Blood Will Tell

Samantha Young ·  273 pages

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“...And you, you better run because i'm going to destroy you for what you've taken from me.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

“She would see it as betrayal. Nothing more. Nothing less.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

“...and still Eden was avoiding him like he was a Bieber fan at a Korn concert.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

“Noah's mom and dad were academics and socially inept, so Noah had never invited her over to his house because his parents wouldn't like it. And Eden had never invited Noah over to her house because she didn't want him to die.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

“It was Friday tomorrow and still Eden was avoiding him like he was a Bieber fan at a Korn concert.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

“Damn this human who had come into her life and made himself so important to her; had made coming to terms with her inner monster that much more difficult to bear.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

“...Her neyse, Cyrus ve Val nerede?"
Emma gözlerini devirdi. "Noah, sana onu böyle çağırmamanı söylemiştim. Tanrı aşkına, kadın iki bin yaşında bir savaşçı, Denny's de çalışan bir garson değil."
Noah, sırıttı, kanepenin içine iyice gömülürken kollarını göğsünün üstünde birleştirdi. Uzun boylu, uzun bacaklı esmer kadını düşününce sırıtması şehvetli bir sırıtışa dönüştü. "Hey, o bana otuz yaşındaki seksi bir kadın gibi görünüyor ama."
Annesi kafasını iki yana sallayarak homurdandı. "O seni canlı canlı yer çocuğum."
"Doğru. Ama bu benim hoşuma gidebilir."
"Ah." Emma suratını ekşitip Noah'ın kafasına vurdu. "Annenle böyle konuşma.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Blood Will Tell

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Samantha Young
Born place: The United Kingdom
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