Quotes from Seven Tears Into the Sea

Terri Farley ·  279 pages

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“Morning's great that way. You can cry yourself to sleep and wake up wondering what the fuss was over.”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

“It never seemed fair that just when you're old enough to do anything you want, you can't. You have to start working, so there's no time. And if there is time, you're not working, so there's no money.”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

“Beckon The Sea,
I'll Come To The....
Shed Seven Tears,
Perchance Seven Years....”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

"You know why we have to be together, don't you?"
"I'm your selkie.”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

“Courtship? Had I said courtship? What did I think, that this was Jane freakin' Eyre?”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

“I was doing it again, and I do NOT ogle strangers.”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

“It's true that the two halves were no longer hinged. They weren't clinging to each other, but each was a cream-colored wing with a rosy flush inside. I held one half in each hand. If I took this shell across the room or across the universe, and the other one stayed here, they'd still be two halves of a whole, and anyone would know they belonged together.”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

“Waves broke, then sighed as if they were searching, not finding, then coming back, never giving up the search, returning again and again.”
― Terri Farley, quote from Seven Tears Into the Sea

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Terri Farley
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