13+ quotes from Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready

Quotes from Wicked Game

Jeri Smith-Ready ·  361 pages

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“I’m a morning person and a night person. So I have to be a nap person, or else I’m a tired person.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“Aw, he’s shy. How loveable, huggable, stuff-in-a-bag-and-take-home-able.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“I'm more of a dog person. But I admire cats and their ability to take so much while giving so little.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“Parents, preachers, and politicians think rock music is the source of young people's despair. They don't understand it's just a reflection. They also forget that music can be a source of hope, a reason to live.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“Ignorance is the world's most curable affliction.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“Daytimers. Sunnysides. What do you call us behind our backs?"
This shuts me up until we reach my door.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“They examine me like I’m a cow at a 4-H auction. I try not to moo.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“As he presses me against the car and his fingers tangle in my hair, I find myself hoping-and fearing-that I'll never be the object of such a love, one that could bring a man to his knees and never let him stand again.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“I open my eyes. Yech, boyfriend thoughts, the kind I haven’t had since I was a teenager. It’s one thing to imagine Shane naked and slathered in olive oil, but another animal entirely to picture us cuddling.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“My jaw drops to form a capital O, as in, O Holy Shit.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“I had a dog. Ex-wife took him, and the house.”
Is that why you like country music?”
He eased himself our of the closet. “Huh?”
”Just a joke. Sorry about your dog.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“Give me a second to put on something a little less Almost Got Killed In.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

“Shane closes his eyes and groans deep in his throat, a noise that embodies sex and death. His back arches, and his fingers rake the carpet as if to pull it up like grass.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready, quote from Wicked Game

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