Quotes from The Whispers in the Walls

Sophie Cleverly ·  288 pages

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“I’d spent so long pretending to be Scarlet that maybe the old Ivy had faded away.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“Some of the trees hung their branches down almost as far as the surface, as if they were trying to stroke it with long bony fingers.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“My name is Scarlet Grey, and until today I thought I would be lost forever.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“And we have another student who has returned from spending some time abroad as well... Miss Adams, please stand up as well."
I couldn't believe it.
Vile Violet.
She was back.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“It fell, and then the words came."
"We are the Whispers in the Walls.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“Emmeline Adel.
"Ivy, you need to look at this."
Our mother? At Rookwood?”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“Rose, what are you-" Violet started.
We all turned.
Someone was there.
It was Penny.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“The food was slices of some kind of roast meat in a watery gravy,”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“Without a word, I walked over to the door and opened it. And when the policeman stepped in, the look on Mr Bartholomew’s face was priceless.”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

“a cupboard, but there seemed to be … stairs? Ivy had brought a candle stub, which she lit with a”
― Sophie Cleverly, quote from The Whispers in the Walls

About the author

Sophie Cleverly
Born place: in Bath, The United Kingdom
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