Quotes from What a Carve Up!

Jonathan Coe ·  512 pages

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“The upshot was that she lost her religion - with a vengeance - and walked out on him, taking these three daughters with her. Faith, Hope and Brenda.”
― Jonathan Coe, quote from What a Carve Up!

“Well, he and his wife had both been devout evangelicals for a while. They had these two kids and then she had an incredible job giving birth to the next one. The upshot was that she lost her religion - with a vengeance - and walked out on him, taking these three daughters with her. Faith, Hope and Brenda.”
― Jonathan Coe, quote from What a Carve Up!

“Well, there'll be an outcry, of course, but then it'll die down and something else will come along for people to get annoyed about. The important thing is that we save ourselves a lot of money, and meanwhile a whole generation of children from working-class or low-income families will be eating nothing but crisps and chocolate every day. Which means, in the end, that they'll grow up physically weaker and mentally slower.' Dorothy raised an eyebrow at this assertion. 'Oh, yes,' he assured her. 'A diet high in sugars lead to retarded brain growth. Our chaps have proved it.' He smiled. 'As every general knows, the secret of winning any war is to demoralize the enemy'.”
― Jonathan Coe, quote from What a Carve Up!

“Το κόλπο είναι να κάνεις πάντα σκανδαλώδη πράγματα. Δεν υπάρχει λόγος να περνάς μια σκανδαλώδη νομοθεσία και μετά να δίνεις στους άλλους το χρόνο να προετοιμαστούν σχετικά. Πρέπει να παρεμβαίνεις αμέσως και να την επικαλύπτεις με κάτι ακόμα χειρότερο, προτού η κοινή γνώμη προλάβει να καταλάβει το κακό που τη βρήκε.”
― Jonathan Coe, quote from What a Carve Up!

“Aveva degli occhi azzurri penetranti e intelligenti che avrebbero certamente inchiodato i miei con la forza e la fissità del loro sguardo, se io non li avessi deliberatamente evitati, preferendo soffermarmi sulla carnagione leggermente screziata e sui suoi folti capelli ramati.”
― Jonathan Coe, quote from What a Carve Up!

“¿Conoce esa sensación? Seguro que sí: tropezarse con un artista cuyo trabajo te habla tan directamente que es como si los dos compartieran el mismo lenguaje cómplice, y eso a la vez te reafirmara en lo que siempre has pensado y te dijera algo completamente nuevo. (...) ¿No la ha sentido, entonces?”
― Jonathan Coe, quote from What a Carve Up!

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Jonathan Coe
Born place: in Birmingham, The United Kingdom
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