Quotes from Till The Last Breath

Durjoy Datta ·  237 pages

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“I am a face that people forget. But I am also a brain that forgets little.”
― Durjoy Datta, quote from Till The Last Breath

“First lesson taught to doctors in medical college:

"Be emotional about the disease, not the patient.”
― Durjoy Datta, quote from Till The Last Breath

“ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but she has replaced that with her own version-Always live strong”
― Durjoy Datta, quote from Till The Last Breath

“The loss of an only child is the worst pain anyone can endure. After all, what do our parents live for? With thee best years of their youth gone by, they don't have any yearnings for comfort or money or fame; all they want is to see us grow up as happy, healthy human being with all the luxuries that they couldn't afford or need. To see years of love,care and upbringing reduce to dust, burnt or burried, takes away everything from a parent.”
― Durjoy Datta, quote from Till The Last Breath

“Doctor(to patient): Give me your parent's number so that we can tell them what a bad boy you have been.

Patient(Confused, unwilling): You don't need to.

Doctor:Hospital Rules!!! And no matter how much i hate dead people, I hate Unpaid bills more”
― Durjoy Datta, quote from Till The Last Breath

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