Quotes from The Loved One

Evelyn Waugh ·  127 pages

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“Her heart was broken perhaps, but it was a small inexpensive organ of local manufacture. In a wider and grander way she felt things had been simplified.”
― Evelyn Waugh, quote from The Loved One

“Once you start changing a name, you see, there's no reason ever to stop. One always hears one that sounds better.”
― Evelyn Waugh, quote from The Loved One

“Outside the windows the cars swept past continuously, out of town, into town, lights ablaze, radios at full throttle. “I wither slowly in thine arms,” he read. “Here at the quiet limit of the world,” and repeated to himself: “Here at the quiet limit of the world. Here at the quiet limit of the world”… as a monk will repeat a simple pregnant text, over and over again in prayer.”
― Evelyn Waugh, quote from The Loved One

“What is a "canty day", Dennis?'
'I've never troubled to ask. Something like hogmanay, I expect.'
'What is that?'
'People being sick on the pavement in Glasgow.'
― Evelyn Waugh, quote from The Loved One

“They are a very decent, generous lot of people out here and they don't expect you to listen. Always remember that, dear boy. It's the secret of social ease in this country. They talk entirely for their own pleasure. Nothing they say is designed to be heard.”
― Evelyn Waugh, quote from The Loved One

“Mr. Schultz, you're jealous of whispering Glades."

"And why wouldn't I be seeing all that dough going on relations they've hated all their lives, while the pets who've loved them and stood by them , never asked no questions, never complained, rich or poor, sickness or health, get buried anyhow like animals?”
― Evelyn Waugh, quote from The Loved One

About the author

Evelyn Waugh
Born place: in Combe Florey, Somerset, England, The United Kingdom
Born date October 28, 1903
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"There was no public to humiliate him here. They already knew he was a lunatic. They expected it. He could burst into howls of insanity, and they would only smile those gentle smiles at him and wrestle him into the chains."
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“There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.”
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“Tự sâu thẳm, chàng là người tốt, và ta yêu chàng vì thế. Nhưng nếu chàng không tốt thì ta vẫn yêu chàng. Dù chàng có khiến ta đau đớn, có lợi dụng ta, ta vẫn cứ yêu chàng. Ta biết điều đó. Đó là vấn đề giới tính, ta nghĩ vậy.

Chàng khỏe mạnh và đẹp đẽ. Ta yêu chàng vì điều đó. Ta ngưỡng mộ, ta tự hào về chàng. Nhưng ta vẫn yêu chàng dù chàng không có những phẩm chất này. Nếu chàng xấu xí, ta vẫn yêu chàng. Nếu chàng tàn phế, ta vẫn yêu chàng. Ta sẽ làm việc cho chàng, sẽ cầu nguyện cho chàng, sẽ luôn ở bên chàng cho đến ngày ta chết.

Phải, ta nghĩ ta yêu chàng chỉ vì chàng là CỦA TA và chàng là GIỐNG ĐỰC. Ta tin rằng không có lý do nào khác. Và đó là điều ta nghĩ khi nói rằng: dạng tình yêu này không phải là thứ được tạo ra từ lý trí hay những con số khô khan. Nó chỉ đơn giản là ĐẾN. Không ai biết tự khi nào, và không ai giải thích được vì sao. Mà thực ra có cần chăng phải giải thích?”
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“She had learned to pay attention to the variations in Rokan's smiles. There was the sideways half-smile when he found something amusing; the slow, contented smile that appeared only rarely these days; and the wide, dazzling, unrestrained smile she had so far seen only twice, when he first came for her in the Mistwood and when they watched the hawk soar against the sky. And then there was this one, the reason for her watchfulness: the impish grin that meant he wanted to do something he knew was stupid and was going to do it anyhow.”
― Leah Cypess, quote from Mistwood

“I thought it was a really good story,' Cindy said. She was trying to make me feel better, I think. 'I liked the way it ended. When I was halfway through, I was thinking that maybe some handsome prince was going to show up and save the princess.'

'She didn't need a handsome prince,' I said. 'Those wild girls did just fine on their own.”
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