Quotes from Heart and Soul

Maeve Binchy ·  418 pages

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“...And he said nothing. Just put his arms around her more closely as the whole heart clinic and their friends and relations danced to the music of "Hey Jude".”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from Heart and Soul

“I don’t think we should spend any time wandering around that remote possibility. It’s nice of you to wish me well, but actually I find it unbearably patronizing.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from Heart and Soul

“He smiled at her, handsome Alan, who was always used to getting his own way. He hadn’t changed. Alan, who was already as faithless to Cinta as he had been to her. Suddenly, like a focus in binoculars, everything became clear. This was a man worth spending not one more minute thinking about, second-guessing or trying to understand.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from Heart and Soul

“Dr. Morrissey had always said that we found excuses to put off doing something that would take our minds off our worries. It was as if we didn’t want to lose the luxury of worrying.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from Heart and Soul

“that Dr. Morrissey had always said that we found excuses to put off doing something that would take our minds off our worries. It was as if we didn’t want to lose the luxury of worrying.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from Heart and Soul

About the author

Maeve Binchy
Born place: in Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland
Born date May 28, 1940
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