Quotes from Waylander

David Gemmell ·  310 pages

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“I caught a pebble in the moonlight.”
― David Gemmell, quote from Waylander

“There is evil in all of us, and it is the mark of a man how he defies the evil within.”
― David Gemmell, quote from Waylander

“My enemies can soar into the night like invisible demons, conjure wolf creatures from hell, and read minds. On our side is a god that can lead a man to a ferry!”
― David Gemmell, quote from Waylander

“Once I loved life ad the sun was a golden joy. But joy is sometimes short lived, priest. And when it dies, a man will seek inside himself and ask: Why? Why hate is so much stronger than love? Why the wicked reap such rich rewards? Why do strenght and speed count for more than morality and kindness? And then the man realizes...there are no answers. None. And for the sake of his sanity the man must change perceptions. Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field. Then the wolves came. Now I am a eagle, and I fly in a different universe.'
'And now you kill the lambs', whispered Dardalion.
Waylander chuckled and turned over.
'No, priest. No one pays for lambs”
― David Gemmell, quote from Waylander

“No, but if you will forgive me, let me say this: all children are creatures of joy, and all people are capable of love. You feel you lost everything, but there was a time before your joy when your children did not exist and your wife was unknown to you. Could it not be that there is a woman somewhere who will fill your life with love, and bear you children to bring you joy?”
― David Gemmell, quote from Waylander

“I still say this is madness,’ whispered Jonat.
‘I know – at this moment I’m inclined to agree with you.’
‘But we’ll go anyway,’ muttered Jonat. ‘One of these days someone is going to listen to my advice and I’ll probably die of the shock!”
― David Gemmell, quote from Waylander

About the author

David Gemmell
Born place: in London, England, The United Kingdom
Born date August 1, 1948
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