Quotes from The Body Farm

Patricia Cornwell ·  351 pages

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“I wouldn't want to assume that all men are like you. If I did, I know I would give them up entirely”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“Grief was like a seizure that shook me like a storm.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“Leaves covered pavement like soggy cereal.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“Perhaps my greatest shame was that I could not show what I should, and I worried no one would ever know how much I cared. Crows”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“I tended to hold love hostage in my heart because, if expressed, I feared it might abandon me as many people in my life had.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“We rarely are conscious of those primitive anxieties that creep out from under reason. And the only way to banish them is to turn on all the lights.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“To almost die is to know that one day you will, and to never again feel the same about anything.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“as was true with every powerful person I had known, and there were but a few, his greatness made him humble and kind.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“Το πραγματικό μέτρο της ανθρώπινης φύσης είναι ο τρόπος με τον οποίο φέρεται κανείς σε άτομα σαν κι αυτήν σε στιγμές που δεν τον βλέπει κανείς.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

“it's hard as hell to get politicians excited about what we do out here, or about what you do, kay."
"the problem is, the dead don't vote," i said.
"i've heard of cases where they did.”
― Patricia Cornwell, quote from The Body Farm

About the author

Patricia Cornwell
Born place: in Miami, Florida, The United States
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