15+ quotes from North! or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson

Quotes from North! or Be Eaten

Andrew Peterson ·  331 pages

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“Don't just follow your heart. Your heart will betray you.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“Here I sit in the presence of queens and heroes and magic. Yes, magic. It is only when we have grown too old that we fail to see that the Maker’s world is swollen with magic – it hides in plain sight in music and water and even bumblebees”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“When children say it’s time to leave, they mean, “It’s time to leave.” When grownups say so, they really mean, “It’s time to begin thinking about leaving sometime in the near future.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“It is true the Shining Isle is smoke and ashes and that darkness is wide over the land. But your long memories have failed you. Of all creatures, you should know that the darkness is seldom complete, and even when it is, the pinprick of light is not long in coming -- and finer for the great shroud that surrounds it.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“I'm too angry at you to let you die.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“She seemed older, no longer shocked that such a thing could happen in the world, but heartbroken because it had. her tears struck Janner as the right kind of tears.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“No, when a king forgets who he is, he looks for himself in the rubble of conquered cities. He is haunted by a bottomless pit in his soul, and he will pour the blood of nations into it until the pit swallows the man himself.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“He was only twelve, but he knew enough to realize that the way before him would be hard. Is it worth it? he asked himself. Was it worth losing his old life in order to learn the truth of who he was and who he was becoming?
Like the pluck of a stringed instrument, the first edge of the sun broke loose and poured light over the world.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“moved through the days in peace and wonder, for his whole story had been told for the first time, and he found that he was still loved.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“Podo and Leeli finally came back to where the others rested, and though her face still bore the weight of her sorrow, Janner could see that is sister was present. Her eyes didn't see stare into nothing. They saw the situation, grieved for it, and faced it.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“How many times did a wicked man come to power and suddenly find his kingdom too small?”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“Artham felt lighter and stronger, and for the first time in nine years, his mind was clear and sure. The words to a hundred of his own poems scrolled across his memory; he saw faces of old friends, battles he had fought, and even the most terrible moments of his life - and yet he remained himself. The wild animal inside that he had struggled so long to kill pulsed with power, but it was no longer his master. He rode the pain like a knight rides a horse. ...
Artham's eyes watered from the wind and from the speed and from the magnificent beauty of the land arrayed below him. Water streaked from the corners of his eyes ... and , in the vicious cold froze into silvery jewels.
He would have to write a poem about this.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“She poured her heart into the song and filled it with everything she felt”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“Kalmar opened his eyes, and they were clear and blue.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

“I tell you, old friend, I'd rather be stuck here in a Strander burrow than blowing smoke rings in Glipwood, where the Fangs spit and howl and kill our spirits. At least we're here because we choose to be. We're here out of bravery and not cowardice.”
― Andrew Peterson, quote from North! or Be Eaten

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