Quotes from The Road to Avalon

Joan Wolf ·  368 pages

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“But any religion would be found lacking if judged solely by its human servants.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

“It is not an easy thing," she said, "to love more than one is loved.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

“A barren woman was always tragic, she thought despairingly, but at least her tragedy belonged to herself and her husband alone. When a queen was barren, the tragedy belonged to a nation.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

“He will toss everything aside if he must—Uther, the high kingship, Britain—before he will give up Morgan.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

“When Arthur was present, you did not look at anyone else.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

“She saw. And, painful though the knowledge was, it was also a relief. She had not failed with Arthur, nor had Morgan stolen him from her. He had belonged to Morgan long before she came into his life.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

“The difference between Morgan and Gwenhwyfar, he found himself thinking, was that while both knew how to give, it was Morgan who knew how to give up.”
― Joan Wolf, quote from The Road to Avalon

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Joan Wolf
Born place: in Bronx, New York, The United States
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“In the cool weak light the nightflames all had died, and the silent streets echoed death and desolation. Worlorn’s day. Yet it was twilight.”
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“To muse for long unwearied hours with my attention riveted to some frivolous device upon the margin, or in the typography of a book — to become absorbed for the better part of a summer's day in a quaint shadow falling aslant upon the tapestry, or upon the floor — to lose myself for an entire night in watching the steady flame of a lamp, or the embers of a fire — to dream away whole days over the perfume of a flower — to repeat monotonously some common word, until the sound, by dint of frequent repetition, ceased to convey any idea whatever to the mind — to lose all sense of motion or physical existence in a state of absolute bodily quiescence long and obstinately persevered in — Such were a few of the most common and least pernicious vagaries induced by a condition of the mental faculties, not, indeed, altogether unparalleled, but certainly bidding defiance to any thing like analysis or explanation.”
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“I was on the point of saying that a happy chance had favoured him, but it occurs to me that one is under no obligation to call chances by flattering epithets when they have been waited for so long.”
― Henry James, quote from The Bostonians

“Ik koos het bestaan niet, maar ik besta. Een ongerijmdheid die verantwoordelijk voor zichzelf is, dat ben ik.”
― Simone de Beauvoir, quote from The Blood of Others

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