Quotes from Dreamlander

K.M. Weiland ·  544 pages

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“You have the distinct appearance of a woman in need of something warm and furry.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“Apathy is a tide pool that drowns its victims.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“A TELEPHONE YOWLED in Chris’s ear, and he scrabbled at his side for a sword that wasn’t there.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“If you hadn’t wanted out of here so bad, you wouldn’t have let yourself believe the lies. But you’re here now just like us. You’re tied up just like us. And unlike some of us, it’s your fault. So whyn’t you think on that for a bit.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“People only believe in heroes when they win.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“Mist cloaked the top, like diaphanous scarves upon ebony shoulders, hiding but not obscuring the city that crowned the summit and spilled down the side of the hill.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“Here.” He lifted the jiswar into her arms. “You have the distinct appearance of a woman in need of something warm and furry.” The”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“Pitch tugged at Orias’s coat. “Don’t. Don’t do it.” Mactalde set his goblet on a nearby table and rose. The fire lit his face from the bottom up. “You’ve come so far on your quest to save your people. I don’t think you can abandon them now.” And the gut-wrenching truth was ... he couldn’t.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“she could write the world as she would, life would go on just as it had since the”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander

“Here.” He lifted the jiswar into her arms. “You have the distinct appearance of a woman in need of something warm and furry.”
― K.M. Weiland, quote from Dreamlander


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K.M. Weiland
Born place: The United States
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